• Can you hire movers to move one item

  • Yes, you can hire movers to move one item. Whether you want to move a large sofa, piano or wardrobe, you can always find a mover that’s best suited for the job. It’s advisable to hire professional movers especially if you need to move delicate items like a grand piano that requires expert care. Apart from it being affordable, there are more advantages to hiring movers to move one item.

    Man lifting one piano

    Advantages of hiring movers to move one item

    Even though hiring a mover for one item may seem uncalled for, it makes so much sense to do so if you want to move a huge or fragile item. Some of the benefits include the following.

    It’s convenient

    Movers loading a van

    Moving bulky items can be very exhausting and time-consuming, especially if you’re doing it alone. Hiring movers if you have a heavy or fragile item makes it more convenient because the movers will take care of everything including packing, loading the moving truck, transporting, offloading and setting up. For instance, if you have furniture that needs to be assembled and disassembled, you won’t have to worry about a thing by hiring movers because you get experts to do everything.

    It’s swift and safe

    Movers are trained professionals and one of their expertise is handling the items they’re moving with utmost care meaning whatever you’re moving is in safe hands. Also, most moving companies have the necessary equipment to move different items safely. For example, if you’re planning to move a safe, hiring movers will be a more convenient and secure option. The move is also bound to be swift because the movers are dealing with only one item.

    It’s cost-effective

    movers moving a fridge

    Moving one item is more cost-effective especially if it’s something valuable that would cost you a fortune to repair if handled carelessly. Also, unlike multiple items, you’ll get a more competitive price.

    Item insurance

    Most reputable movers are insured so whether you’re moving a single item or multiple things, you have less to worry about. If anything was to happen to your item during the move, you will be properly compensated thanks to the insurance.

    When you’re looking to hire movers to move one item things such as the size of the item being moved and the number of people needed for the move will determine how much it will cost you. Working with a reputable moving company will save you the trouble of worrying about being overcharged or something happening to your item.