• Will movers pack for you

  • Yes, movers will pack for you depending on the type of service you have paid for. Packing and unpacking are hectic tasks when relocating from one place to another but luckily you can hire a full-service move where the movers pack and unpack for you. However, there are several things that movers can’t pack for you so it’s always advisable to consult with your moving company to avoid any surprises.

    movers using scotch tape to close the box

    What items can movers not pack

    Even though movers can pack for you, there are some things they legally cannot pack or it’s perhaps part of their company policy. If you have anything that’s of sentimental value you can pack it for yourself instead of leaving it in the hands of the movers. They also need to consider whether you’re moving within the same day or if you want to move your stuff to storage.

    If your move is meant to happen within the same day, the movers will pack almost everything. This includes any frozen stuff that you may want to be moved. To prevent them from going bad, these items will be removed last from the freezer and packed in freezer bags. The frozen stuff is usually among the first items to be unloaded and placed in a freezer upon arrival at the new destination. However, frozen items are among some of the things that movers won’t pack if your stuff is going to storage. The other things include the following.

    • Perishable goods such as foodstuff
    • Corrosives
    • Pets
    • Live plants
    • Cash and jewellery
    • Weapons
    • Flammable items
    • Potentially toxic items

    This is just a list of a few of the items that you should consider packing and moving for yourself and it can vary depending on the mover you’re working with. You should always communicate with your mover in advance so that you can plan better.

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    Advantages of movers packing your belongings

    There are many benefits of hiring professional movers to do the packing for you during a move. Some of them are highlighted below.

    It’s time-saving

    Packing is one of the time-consuming tasks during a move, especially if you are planning to do all the work by yourself. One of the benefits of hiring professional movers for the job is that it takes a shorter duration and saves you a lot of time. This leaves you with adequate time to focus on other things.

    For instance, if you were planning on moving your dresser with clothes inside, your mover can do this swiftly and within a short time. However, the possibility of this will vary depending on several factors such as the weight of the dresser.

    No extra cost for packing materials

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    When you hire movers to pack for you, they come with their own supplies. This means you won’t have to buy things like boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing materials. However, you can help the movers by removing any packing materials that you may have ahead of time.

    Your items will be well-organised and safe

    Movers are skilled in their job so when they pack stuff, they do it in a careful and organised manner to ensure that nothing is broken, stolen or lost in transit. The items are also well-labelled to make the unpacking process easier and swift. Even though it may happen in rare instances, there’s always something you can do if movers steal your stuff. With due diligence when hiring a moving company, you won’t have to deal with such rogue characters.

    Reduced workload

    Movers loading a van

    Packing your items and then loading them onto a truck is a stressful and tiring task if you are doing it alone but hiring professional movers for the job makes it easier because the workload is reduced. With movers, you get a team of professionals to handle the task, making it less time-consuming and exhausting.

    If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled, movers will carefully do that as they pack and ensure that all the parts are intact. It’s good to always clean up and declutter before the movers arrive so that the work can be done swiftly. If you have any boxes or packing materials you can always remove them so that they can use them if necessary.

    When looking for movers who will pack for you, it’s crucial to look out for reputable professionals to avoid the stress of dealing with fraudulent movers. Once your packers arrive, it’s good to give them instructions beforehand if there are any specifications you want them to follow then allow them to work efficiently.