• Are movers responsible for damage

    It's the mover's responsibility to ensure that your belongings arrive safely and without any damage. Here are some precautions you should take before and during your move.

    Are movers cheaper on weekdays

    Here's why hiring movers on weekdays is more affordable and convenient for most people.

    Can movers store your stuff

    Several moving companies offer storage services and here's a look into some of the things that will impact the type of storage you're going to need.

    How many movers do I need

    On average, a small move needs a minimum of two movers but this will vary depending on the amount of things being moved among other factors that are discussed here.

    How long do movers take cross country

    Movers can take anywhere between few days to weeks cross country depending on different factors. Here are some of the things that will impact this duration.

    How much do movers get paid

    Movers get paid a salary of approximately £30,000 a year but this varies depending on several factors such as the level of experience or responsibilities.

    Can you hire movers to move one item

    Yes, you can hire a moving company to move one item. Here are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy.

    Will movers pack for you

    Movers can pack almost everything, however, this will vary depending on several factors. Find out some of the items that movers can't pack.

    Do movers take credit cards

    Most movers accept multiple modes of payment including credit cards. Here are some advantages you get to enjoy by paying for your move using a credit card.

    Will movers move dressers with clothes in them

    Yes, movers will move your dresser with clothes in them however, there are some instances where this will not be possible. The type of closet you have and how heavy it is will determine whether the movers can move it with clothes inside. If you have[...]

    As much as you should allow movers to do their job, there are several ways you can help and make their work easier. It's pretty normal to feel compelled to help whenever you have movers around but most of them prefer if you allow them to do their [...]

    Is it safe to choose packers and movers services for relocation?

    Choosing packers and movers services for relocation is a safe option especially considering most legitimate companies are insured. Here's why.

    Working with a professional moving company to manage all of your relocation needs is one of the best methods to guarantee a smooth and trouble-free move. However, even the most reputable companies can sometimes make mistakes. In rare cases, items [...]

    Are you not sure whether you should feed your movers? Some of you may feel guilty seeing they work hard all day and you don't know whether you are expected to give movers lunch. In short. most cases you are not expected. The answer to this [...]

    Moving from one home to another is often very challenging and stressful. Many things need to be done to ensure the move goes smoothly. With a little planning and preparation, you can make the most out of your moving day and turn it into an exciting [...]

    It can be challenging to relocate an antique grand piano. You not only need to worry about the safety of your instrument but also about the cost of hiring professional piano movers. Choosing the right business to entrust your costly piano to assures[...]

    Let's have a look at how to project manage an office move so it goes smoothly. 1. Decide on the professional moving company You have the option to hire professional movers that will take care of everything for you. If you decide[...]

    There are many things to think about when planning an office move. How will the move impact employees? What needs to be done to ensure the move is fun and exciting for everyone? Preparing for an office move can be challenging, but with little [...]

    Many people have heard of welcome parties, but have you ever considered arranging one for your workplace? A company's relocation or expansion is a reason to celebrate. Your office warming party can be as formal or casual as you like. You can also [...]

    Thoughtful office moving gifts

    Looking for something funny or something that will help them get settled in their new space? Find out some thoughtful office moving gifts here.

    Employee relocations can be quite hectic if not planned well. Here are some of the best practices for employee relocation that you should implement during your move.

    An office move checklist is essential for ensuring that the exercise is seamless. Here's a detailed explanation on what office move checklists should entail.

    Whether you're having an office relocation or a domestic move, tipping movers is optional. The decision to tip movers is a sign of gratitude which is a personal choice. During a move from one point to the other, there's a lot of work involved. For a[...]

    Office move safety tips to consider

    The right office move safety tips will safeguard you from harm. Whether you want to downsize, upsize, change your office outlook or move to a more convenient place. You need to know these office moving safety tips and checklists. Whatever [...]

    Business relocation is something that requires careful and diligent planning from the word go. This will come in handy in ensuring that the business operations run seamlessly before, during, and after the final move to the new workplace. A business [...]

    Moving a safe can be hectic and complicated if you have to do it alone. Here's how working with a reliable safe mover will make your relocation less stressful.

    Moving heavy furniture

    Whether you're organising an office move or renovating your space, moving heavy furniture can be quite an exhausting task.

    Can my employer change my place of work

    Ensuring that you have a seamless office move is crucial for any employee. But how does an employee know if they can move to a new location?

    What are the types of storage facilities

    Whether you're planning a simple office relocation or refurbishment, having reliable storage facilities is necessary. Considering the many storage options available it can be quite confusing to choose the right storage space to rent. The type of [...]

    From planning, packaging to the final move, a relocation project can be quite hectic. But how do you know the correct packaging materials for your move?

    Should you renovate or move office

    What should you do relocate or move to a bigger office?

    Making a business relocation announcement

    A proper announcement in case of business relocation is an essential requirement. You do not want everyone who interacts with your company or organisation to think that you are going out of business. An effective relocation announcement [...]

    Best Tips for Office Furniture Removal

    Whenever you’re thinking of relocating, renovating or moving your office, getting reliable and effective office furniture removal services is very crucial. From office clearance, rubbish removal to commercial junk removal, we offer [...]

    Proper organization and planning are key to any office relocation project. The first step to plan an office move project is creating a detailed project plan. It is, without doubt, the most crucial step in any corporate office move. This plan [...]

    We are proud to be the leading company for commercial and office removals in Temple EC4 and WC2 postcode area. Regardless of your company size, we understand that moving premises can be disruptive and costly in terms of time and money. Therefore[...]

    Simplify your move with these office relocation tips. The thought of moving into a new office space is exciting. Mostly because it's usually an upgrade from the current office. For most offices, it's not only about a change in office location, but [...]

    Here are 8 things to consider when moving an office location in London or United Kingdom

    We are  removal company in Hammersmith who help to move your office to a new location. You could be remaining in the city, or you might be travelling to a different destination. Either way, our team can help backup everything and take you to your [...]

    Office removals in Islington, for whatever the reason, are challenging and require a lot of planning. You want to stay on top of your game when orchestrating that type of move. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to do all the planning? When it[...]

    Moving from one office to the next is not a simple matter. And it gets even more complicated when there are several workstations and offices involved, not to mention storage rooms. The fact is that you've got a tough situation on your hands, and [...]

    Are you the manager or business owner who is about to move their office? This can be an exciting time because maybe this move can make your image look even better. Unfortunately, the rewards of moving on to bigger and better things don't take away [...]