• How many movers do I need

  • On average, you need a minimum of two movers but this number can increase depending on the size and type of move you’re having. For instance, if you’re having a small office or apartment move, two or three movers would be enough. It’s advisable to consult with the mover beforehand and discuss all the details so that they can determine the right number of movers for the job.

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    Factors influencing the number of movers you need

    The number of movers needed varies with each move because they vary in complexity and scope. Some of the things that significantly impact the number of movers you’ll need include the following.

    The complexity of the move

    The more complex a move is, the more movers it’s going to require. For instance, if you have an office or a house where there are tight spaces and obstacles your movers need to manoeuvre when moving stuff, you will need more people to make the work easier.

    The size of your house

    A smaller space such as a studio apartment will need at least two movers, however, if you have a larger space, you’re going to need more movers. Of course, the amount of stuff you have also needs to be considered. It’s advisable to discuss your move with your moving company in detail putting into consideration the size so that you can be advised on the ideal number of movers to hire.

    Table showing the number of movers needed

    Here’s a table showing the number of movers you’d need for different house sizes. If you’re having a huge corporate move, you’ll certainly need more movers depending on how huge your organisation is.

    House sizeNumber of movers
    Studio apartment2
    1-Bedroom house2
    2 to 3-Bedroom house3
    4 to 5-Bedroom house4
    More than 5 bedrooms6 or more

    Amount of belongings

    If you have a lot of items that need to be moved from one point to the other, you’re going to need more people for the job. You also need to consider how heavy they are because bulkier items need more manpower for a swift move.

    The set timeline

    If you have a strict timeline where you require the movers to complete the move within a short duration, having more people on board will fasten the process. Some of the movers can pack the items while others load them on the truck making the work easier and done within the set timeframe.

    Type of items being moved

    transporting grand piano

    Do you have any items that need special handling? If you have several heavy items that are bulky and delicate like antiques or a piano, you’ll need more movers for the job. For such items that require extra attention or care during the moving process, hiring additional movers helps expedite the process.

    Distance of the move

    The distance between your location and the destination where you’re moving is also crucial in determining how many movers you’ll need. For instance, a cross-country move will need more movers to make the work easier especially if you’re on a tight timeframe.

    With the right team, you can have a swift relocation without having to worry about doing it within the anticipated timeframe. However, you need to carefully research to ensure that you hire the right person for the job.