• Will movers move dressers with clothes in them

  • Yes, movers will move your dresser with clothes in them however, there are some instances where this will not be possible. The type of closet you have and how heavy it is will determine whether the movers can move it with clothes inside. If you have a dresser that needs to be dismantled before being moved then this means your mover will do just that in order to preserve its structural integrity once it’s assembled again.

    Man putting clothes in a box

    It’s advisable to take any valuable personal items out of your wardrobe before it is moved. Some dressers might have spaces in them and stuff can easily get lost or be misplaced. If your closet has drawers that can fall or move around when they’re being transported, it’s advisable to remove them to avoid any damage.

    When should I remove clothes from my dresser during a move

    Even though you can easily have your dresser moved if it has lighter clothes it’s advisable to remove them if it’s heavily packed. This will make it easier for the movers to carry the closet from one point to the other. There are other instances that may warrant the need for you to remove clothes from your wardrobe.

    Firstly, if you’re moving for a long distance it’s advisable to remove your clothes from the closet because you will be inconvenienced especially if the delivery is bound to take place after a week or two. You can take some of the clothes that you’ll need during that period in a suitcase and leave the rest.

    If you have a dresser that’s fragile or old and vulnerable, it’s best to have it moved without any clothes to avoid the risk of falling apart.

    When you have an oversized wardrobe that is already heavy on its own, you should remove the clothes so as to make it lighter and easier to move around.

    Woman carry a box full of clothes

    How to pack clothes if they can’t be moved in a dresser

    Packing your clothes separately is a nice way to ensure that your belongings don’t get misplaced or lost during the move. Utilising the resources you already have like suitcases spares you the expense of having to acquire new packing materials. If your dresser can’t be moved with clothes inside, here’s how you can pack them separately.

    • Use small or medium boxes
    • Pack them in suitcases
    • Use wardrobe boxes

    Whether you decide to move your dresser with or without any clothes, your mover should be able to advise you accordingly. They should also have the right equipment to ensure that your closet is well-protected. This includes some furniture pads, tape, and some stretch wrap to seal the wardrobe. However, how the dresser is packed and moved will vary depending on various factors such as its design and weight.