• How long do movers take cross country

  • On average, it can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks for a cross-country move. This duration will vary with each move based on several factors such as the distance to be covered, traffic, and the route used among other factors. Discussing with your mover the details of your move and your expectations will help them determine a more accurate estimate of the duration it would take. Here are more things that influence how long movers take cross country.

    movers moving a fridge

    The distance to be covered

    If there’s a long distance being covered between the current location to the new destination, it will ultimately take a longer period to get there.

    The route being used

    The condition of the route being used also has a significant impact on how long the move will take. If the movers are using a route that is under construction or one that has a lot of traffic, this is bound to take longer because of all the time spent in transit. The terrain also matters because if it isn’t easy to manoeuvre, it’s going to slow the movers down.

    Company’s scheduling and logistics

    How efficient are the moving company’s logistics and scheduling? The planning, coordination and allocation of resources during the move significantly influence the duration it will take. If it’s effectively done, the move will take a significantly shorter time.

    Transportation mode

    The mode of transport used is another factor that will significantly impact the mode of transport used. For instance, if the mover is using a combination of trucks and trains, it’s bound to take a longer duration because of all the stops and transfers the train makes. Trucks are generally more convenient because of their flexibility especially if it’s a direct delivery.

    Number of stops along the way

    If your mover is going to make some frequent stops along the way, it’s going to increase the duration taken because more time will be needed for loading and unloading at every stop. This means the move will ultimately take a longer duration.

    Adverse weather conditions

    Cloudy weather in London

    Sometimes the weather can be quite unpredictable and adverse weather conditions such as storms or heavy snow can significantly derail the move. In such cases, your mover should be able to adjust their plan and schedule accordingly. This implies the move will ultimately take a longer duration especially if the harsh weather persists.

    The complexity of the move

    A big move generally requires a lot of time for the movers to pack, load, and unload goods which means the duration will be longer for such. You also need to consider the items being transported. If they need any special packaging it will also contribute to the overall duration of the move.

    With the above factors in mind, you can plan your move accordingly and have realistic expectations. You should also be able to discuss every aspect of your move with the moving company so that they can give you an accurate estimate of the expected timeline and plan accordingly.