• How much do movers get paid

  • On average, movers are paid £11 an hour or approximately £30,000 a year. However, this figure is not constant because it varies depending on the team of movers that you’ve hired and the moving company. The amount of work they do and the duration it takes are also crucial especially if they are to be paid on an hourly basis.

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    Factors affecting how much movers get paid

    Depending on the type of move you’re having each mover has different responsibilities or duties, and this might significantly impact how much they are paid in the end. For example, a mover driver makes approximately £15 an hour. You also need to consider how much the movers get tipped because it will ultimately contribute to their overall earnings. The amount paid to movers varies depending on several factors that include the ones discussed below.

    Level of experience

    The more experienced a mover is, the more he’s going to earn. The pay is better especially if the mover has several years of experience under their sleeves. This means they are more skilled in doing certain tasks and they’ve also had years to perfect their expertise, making them pretty valuable.

    The location

    Movers tend to earn more in areas where the cost of living is high or there’s high demand for movers and their services. A good example is an area like London where the average pay for a mover is around £18 per hour or Manchester where the average earning is £16 per hour.

    Additional certifications

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    Any extra skills or certifications mean more earnings thanks to the additional expertise and value. For instance, having additional skills in any special packing techniques or ways to handle delicate items is a plus. Other things such as having a driver’s license or knowing how to handle different equipment and machinery that may be used during a move put you in a better position to earn more.

    Type of job description

    Like any other company, moving companies also have various job descriptions for their movers. For instance, at the beginner level, you will probably be allocated small tasks such as loading and offloading meaning the pay is smaller compared to that of a mover who has a supervisory or more senior role. More responsibility and complexity of the job description translates to higher earnings.

    Size of the company

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    How big is the company and how good is its reputation? A bigger company is more likely to pay its movers well because it is more resourceful and it also has a constant flow of business compared to a small or startup moving company. Such established companies also have more benefits for their team members.

    Being part of a union

    Some of the advantages a mover can enjoy by being part of a labour union is negotiated pay rates among other benefits. This means they get better earnings compared to movers who are not part of any labour union.

    With an idea of how much movers get paid, you can easily decide whether it’s a career path you’d like to explore and if you were planning on having a move, you can make a more informed decision on how much to budget for.