• Should you tip removal guys

  • Whether you’re having an office relocation or a domestic move, tipping movers is optional. The decision to tip movers is a sign of gratitude which is a personal choice. During a move from one point to the other, there’s a lot of work involved. For a seamless moving process, you need to hire an efficient and reliable moving company. Appreciating the efforts of a moving team with a tip would be greatly appreciated after any such exercise.

    This is considering they have handled fragile equipment, lifted heavy stuff, and made sure your belongings make it through the move unscathed. It’s especially advisable to tip long-distance movers because they usually have the most work. So, how much should you tip movers?

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    How much do you tip the movers 

    The universal rule of thumb is to tip movers £3.04 to £3.80 per hour or a tip of between 5 to 10% of the total office moving costs. Because tipping is not cast on stone, the decision is entirely yours but you should distribute the tip evenly amongst the team assisting you on the move. This could also If you’ve decided to tip the moving crew, here’s a simple illustration of how much cash tips you should give based on the work duration.

    • 4 hours or less, £15.18 per person 
    • 8 hours, £ 30.35 per person 
    • 12 hours or more, £37.95 to £45.54 per person

    Ideally, the tip you give is a reflection of the service delivered and the difficulty involved in facilitating the move. Remember the movers’ cost includes both the movers and the distance covered. What you need to consider is the time and the challenges involved with the move. 

    When you should tip;

    The type of move you request determines when you should tip the movers. If the movers delivered an outstanding service, it’s advisable to tip them accordingly.

    Long-distance move;

    This kind of move requires two sets of teams, those packing your belongings for the move and those who will offload at your new place. In such a scenario, it is advisable to tip the movers on the decided amount to the different teams handling the process, the loaders, and the offloaders at the site. 

    In-town move;

    Many clients prefer to wait until the end of the process to ensure it has been done to their satisfaction. But you can choose to tip at any given time of the process. Others choose to tip at the start of the process to motivate the team to perfect their work, therefore the choice is yours at what point do you prefer tipping the movers. 

    Factors to consider when tipping 

    There is a lot more riding on the performance of the moving crews, which should inspire how deep you dig into your pockets to tip them;

    • Did they arrive late? This gives you an idea of how long the process will take. 
    • Did they assemble and set up the furniture-was this part of the package? 
    • How did they handle the fragile items? 
    • How fast were they? 
    • Were there moving up and down the stairs-here you will consider the muscles and maneuvering required to move items hence more time and energy spent. 
    • Did they put the boxes exactly where labelled? 
    • Did they dent any of your walls-how careful were they in handling the whole process? 
    • Time spent during their break-did they waste time doing nothing? 
    • What were their attitudes overall-how did they treat your family? 
    • How was the weather like-were they braving harsh weather? 
    • Were there oversized items-consider what the movers had to do to get the items moved, and the additional time and work spent on these items. 

    How else you can motivate the movers. 

    Offering a tip should not be necessarily monetary especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can choose to do other non-cash rips such as:

    • Giving drinks depending on the season-cold drinks during hot weather or hot drinks during cold seasons. 
    • If the move is big you can consider buying the team lunch or dinner. 
    • Give gift cards. 
    • Offer snacks or bites. 
    • Offer gift vouchers. 
    • Giving a positive review online for the company and the moving team; if possible, mention names. 

    One way to achieve the finest moving experience is to hire movers that are well-trained and qualified. Moving companies train their moving crew to be courteous, helpful, take care of the customer’s belongings among other things. When this is performed well, tipping is a show of appreciation. Therefore, knowing beforehand the deal when it comes to tipping movers is very helpful because you will have time to decide how much to tip when to tip, how to tip, and what to expect from your movers. It prepares you well before the due date. If and when the removal company you hired did not reach their end of the bargain but their movers worked exceptionally hard, this should not deter you from tipping the crew.