• How much does it cost to move an office

    One of the most asked questions about relocation is how much does it cost to move an office?

    Our answer to that is simple… it all depends on a variety of factors like distance, number of employees, type of furniture, stuff, the urgency of moving, timing, etc.

    We are going to tell you how much should you expect to pay for relocating the office along with moving a piano and a safe (delicate and expensive stuff).

    How much does it cost to pack and move

    Like we have mentioned before, the cost is dependent on various factors but here, we give an estimate so you’d know if the quote your moving company offered you are competitive or not.

    Firstly, you need to make sure that you have more than enough time for planning. Without proper planning, you may run into many problems. Secondly, check your removers if they are recognized by a reputable association.

    Get in contact with all your contractors and let them know about the move. You’ll also need to get your finances in order because a move will cost you a significant amount of money mainly depending on your number of employees and moving distance.

    You should expect to pay anywhere between £3,000 to £10,000 for packing and moving your office locally.

    The cost of moving a piano locally

    A piano is generally a family heirloom and is considered very expensive and valuable. Therefore, moving a piano should be left to the professional movers who can deliver expensive and delicate equipment like piano safely.

    The cost of moving a piano depends on it’s type, size, and moving distance. The average cost of moving a piano locally is anywhere between £200 to £400.

    The cost of moving a safe

    A safe is a heavy piece of equipment that is equally valuable. It is pertinent that you hire experienced movers to move your office safe in order to prevent it from any damage whatsoever.

    The pricing of moving safe depends on the weight and dimensions, distance, standard pickup, and delivery.

    The average cost of moving a safe in the UK is between £150 to £450 depending on the above-mentioned factors.