• How much does it cost to move a pool table

  • The average cost to move a pool table is around £500-£900 to move a regulation-size pool table within the same city. The cost can be as low as £50 for smaller pool tables that only need to be transported a short distance and up to £3,000 or more for big, tournament-quality pool tables that need to travel a long distance or require a crane to go to an upper floor.

    Pool table in a room

    Factors to consider when moving a pool table

    There are several things that affect the cost of moving a pool table to a new location. These are also some of the factors you should consider when moving other items such as furniture, a refrigerator, a safe, a jacuzzi, a piano, a car and a shipping container, among other things. They include the following:

    The size and weight

    The size and weight of your pool table determine moving costs. A standard pool table weighs 600 pounds. There are also 100-pound kid’s pool tables. Pool tables can weigh 1500 pounds. Weight affects how you move your table. With friends’ help, you may be able to move a smaller, lighter table. For larger tables, you will likely need to hire professional movers.

    Length of time

    Hiring movers costs £20 to £50 per hour, so the longer it takes to move a pool table, the more it will cost in addition to all your other furniture and belongings.


    The area you’re going to matters, like stairs, limited spaces, and other considerations that will make moving a pool table difficult. Again, movers charge by the hour, but they charge extra for complex and labour-intensive things. The moving service may charge extra if you transport a pool table to a higher floor without an elevator. It could cost you hundreds or thousands if you need a crane.

    Blue pool table in a room

    Additional services

    There are also other services that movers can provide that will affect the cost of your move. For example, if you need a disassembly and reassembly service, you can expect to pay a little extra. Packing and unpacking services will also add to the cost.