• How much does it cost to move a Jacuzzi

  • Moving a jacuzzi and hot tubs costs anywhere from £400 to £1,000. The price will depend on the jacuzzi size and how far it needs to be moved. If you need to move the jacuzzi a long distance, it will cost more than if you move it a short distance.

    Pool tub

    You will also need to factor in the cost of hiring a professional to move the jacuzzi. These types of services are usually charged on an hourly basis by moving companies. If you are moving the jacuzzi yourself, you will need to figure out the cost of renting a lorry or trailer to transport it. Moving a jacuzzi can be expensive, so consider all the costs before deciding.

    Moving jacuzzi on-site

    The estimated cost of moving a jacuzzi on-site is lesser than off-site. This is because when you move your jacuzzi off-site, there are chances that it could get damaged during the process. Also, if you have to take it upstairs or downstairs, it will increase the overall cost. The national rate for on-site moving costs is given below:

    National rate on-site moving cost£80/Hour
    High-end off-site moving service cost£60/Hour
    Low-end off-site moving service cost£40/Hour

    Moving jacuzzi off-site

    The estimated off-site moving cost is slightly higher than on-site because it involves the risk of damaging your jacuzzi. Also, you have to pay for the equipment rental separately, increasing the overall costs. The national rate for off-site moving costs is given below:

    National rate off-site moving cost£90/Hour
    High-end off-site moving service cost£70/Hour
    Low-end off-site moving service cost£50/Hour

    Factors to consider when moving a jacuzzi

    Whether you’re moving a jacuzzi, pool table or piano, there are several things you need to consider because they will ultimately determine the cost. They include the following;

    Size and weight

    The size and weight of your jacuzzi will play a big role in how much it costs to move.


    If you live in a multi-story home or your new home is not on the ground floor, this will add to the cost of moving your jacuzzi, as movers will need to use special equipment to get it up or downstairs.


    The cost of moving a jacuzzi will also depend on how many people are needed to do the job. If you have a large and heavy jacuzzi, it will take more people to move it, and the cost will be higher.


    Where you live also affects how much it costs to move a jacuzzi. If you’re moving to or from a major city, the cost will be higher than if you’re moving to a more rural area.

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    The cost of moving a jacuzzi compared to other items

    • While moving a jacuzzi incurs specific expenses, relocating a street light demands coordination with local authorities and additional costs.
    • Moving a refrigerator usually costs less than a jacuzzi, given its standard size and lesser complexities.
    • Moving a car, although more routine, might be comparable or higher in cost than transporting a jacuzzi depending on the distance and service used.
    • Given its weight and security concerns, the cost of relocating a vault might exceed that of a jacuzzi.
    • The cost of transporting an excavator is significantly higher due to its size and the specialised equipment needed, contrasting the cost of a jacuzzi.
    • Moving furniture can be less expensive than a jacuzzi, but costs vary based on volume and fragility.
    • Relocating a shipping container might surpass jacuzzi moving costs due to its size and the equipment required.

    Additional cost

    There are other costs to consider when moving a jacuzzi. This will add to the price if you need to rent a lorry or trailer. You may also need insurance in case your jacuzzi is damaged during the move.