• How much does it cost to move a car within the UK

  • The average cost of moving a car in the UK is around £150. However, there are several factors that will be considered. For instance, if you’re moving a small car locally (under 100 miles), you can expect to pay around £100- £150. This price includes fuel, tolls, and any other necessary costs. If you’re moving a larger vehicle or travelling a longer distance, the price will increase accordingly. For example, a long-distance move (over 400 miles) could cost upwards of £400.

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    These are just general estimates. The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact a professional car moving service and provide them with the details of your move. They will be able to give you a more personalized quote based on your specific needs.

    Factors to consider when moving a car

    There are several factors to consider when moving a car within the United Kingdom.

    Type of vehicle

    What kind of vehicle do you own? If it’s a large SUV or lorry, then it will be more expensive to transport than a smaller car.


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    How far are you moving? Hiring a professional car transport service is probably not worth hiring if you’re only moving a few hundred miles. But this option is worth considering if you’re moving several thousand miles.

    Time of year

    When are you planning on making a move? If you’re moving during the winter, it will be more expensive to transport your vehicle because of weather conditions. But if you’re moving during the summer, then it will be cheaper because there are more options for transport.

    Additional Costs:

    There are other costs to consider when moving a car within the UK. One is the cost of insurance. If you’re using a professional car transport service, you’ll need to ensure your vehicle is insured during transit. Another cost to consider is the cost of fuel. If you’re driving your vehicle, you’ll need to factor in the cost of gas for the trip. But if you’re using a professional car transport service, you won’t need to worry about this cost. Whether you want to move a car, excavator, jacuzzi, pool table, or furniture or relocate your office, hiring a professional mover makes everything easier.

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