• How much does it cost to move furniture in London

  • On average, moving furniture in London costs between £400 and £750. The cost depends on the size of your home, the amount of furniture you have, and the distance you are moving. The costs are higher if you have a lot of furniture or are moving a long distance.

    Table and chairs in an office room

    The cost to move furniture in London

    The table below lists some of the costs of moving furniture in London:

    Transportation £150-£300
    Labour £150-£200
    Packing materials£50-£100

    What factors affect the cost of packaging services?

    1. How many items need to be packed?

    The number of items impacts the time and materials needed to pack them.

    2. How big are the items?

    The size of the items affects the time it takes to pack them and the cost of materials.

    3. The type of furniture.

    Some furniture is more fragile than others and needs to be packed with extra care. It affects the cost of materials and the time it takes to pack.

    4. How far is the move?

    The distance of the move affects the cost of transportation.

    5. How much help is needed?

    The cost goes up if you need to hire helpers for the move.

    6. How soon do you need the furniture moved?

    The costs are higher if you need the furniture moved urgently.

    7. How much notice do you give?

    The costs are lesser if you book your furniture move in advance.

    When budgeting for your furniture move, it is essential to factor in all the above costs. This helps you obtain a precise estimate of the overall cost of your move. Moving furniture is costly, but knowing what to expect helps keep costs down.