• How much does it cost to move a shipping container UK

  • The average national cost for moving a shipping container in the UK is £536, The cost varies according to the size, type, and distance that the container needs to be transported.

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    The cost to move a shipping container in the UK

    The table below lists some of the costs you have when moving a shipping container in the UK:

    Professional Movers £480 -£591
    Distance Travelled£0.40 – £0.60 per mile
    Rental Truck or Container£20- £40 per day
    Gasoline (petrol) £0.60 – £0.80 per litre
    multiple containers stored in a yard.

    Factors that affect the cost of moving a shipping container in the UK

    1. The size of the container: The larger the container, the more it costs to move.
    2. The type of container you’re moving: Standard containers are the most common and cheapest to move. If you’re moving a speciality container, such as a refrigerated one, it costs more.
    3. The distance the container needs to be transported: The farther it needs to go, the more it costs.
    4. Weighing the container: The heavier the container, the more it costs to move.
    5. The time of year you’re moving: Moving in the summer is typically more expensive than other times of the year.
    6. The company you’re using: Some companies charge more than others. Before making a choice, compare the costs offered by several companies.
    7. Additional fees: Some companies charge extra for fuel or insurance. Prior to scheduling your move, make sure to enquire about these.
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    Items that can influence shipping container moving costs

    • Due to its size and weight, moving a pool table in a shipping container can add to the overall cost, especially if special handling is required.
    • Pianos, being delicate and heavy, often necessitate specialized packing materials and techniques, potentially increasing the cost of the move.
    • The weight and bulkiness of machinery can significantly influence the cost, especially if additional equipment or manpower is needed for loading and unloading.
    • Safes, especially larger vaults, are extremely heavy and may require specialized equipment to move, adding to the overall expense.
    • Transporting excavators in shipping containers can be costly due to their size and the need for secure anchoring during transit.
    • While furniture varies in size and weight, packing and securing multiple pieces can add to the time and materials required, influencing the overall cost of moving.

    The cost of moving a shipping container in the UK varies depending on several factors. Considering these, you can estimate how much it will cost to move your container. With careful planning, you can find an affordable and reputable company to help with your move.