• The cost of moving a piano

  • Aside from being heavy, pianos are also very delicate, hence needing the most care during a move. Moving an object as heavy as a piano can be quite hectic if you don’t have the right assistance. Considering how prone pianos are to damage, it’s advisable to seek help from a professional mover to ensure that your piano is handled safely. With professional piano movers, they will have the specialist equipment and know-how to ensure that it remains in good condition. So, how much does the piano moving cost?

    How much does it cost to move a piano

    On average, it costs between £400 – £550 to move a grand piano from one point to the other. For a small one, the average piano moving cost will be anywhere between £180 –£220 to get the job done by a professional mover.

    You need to factor this into your overall office move cost especially if you have other items that need to be relocated. Of course, the piano moving cost will vary depending on several factors including the ones highlighted below.

    • The size of your piano
    • Your location
    • The type of piano
    • The weight of the piano
    • Obstacles/flight of stairs to be negotiated

    The above are some of the essential things that will determine how easy or complicated the piano move will be thus determining the average cost. Apart from the above, there are other additional costs that you have to factor in. Whether you’re moving a piano, jacuzzi, excavator, shipping container, or car, you should always ask your mover to give you a detailed cost breakdown so that you can budget accordingly.

    When moving a piano, it’s advisable to ensure that you have adequate insurance covering the piano and any damages that may occur to the floor or property. Whenever you’re getting a quote from your piano moving company, it’s advisable to ensure that you’re well-informed of all the costs covered.

    Man lifting wooden piano

    The size of your piano

    Different pianos have varying shapes and sizes. It can either be a small piano or a grand piano. Whatever the case, you’ll find that each make and model has different packing and moving requirements. A larger musical instrument will cost more than a smaller one.

    Your location

    Your location will determine the distance over which the piano will be moved. Moving a piano locally will be more affordable compared to if you want to move your piano over a long distance. Where you’re located and where you want to move your piano will determine the piano shipping cost.

    The type of piano

    For a valuable instrument like the piano, you will come across different types. Whether it’s an upright or grand piano, hiring a professional piano mover is a certain way to ensure it arrives in good condition. The piano type you have will also play an essential role in determining the overall cost.

    The weight of your piano

    How heavy is the piano you want to be moved? The heavier it is, the more manpower it will require or special equipment. If it’s extremely heavy, then this will most likely cost you some extra coins.

    Obstacles/flight of stairs to be negotiated

    Any obstacles being encountered will slow down the movers thus taking more time leading to a higher moving cost. Moving heavy furniture the wrong way can result in injury hence the need to hire professionals. The same applies to moving heavy objects such as a refrigerator or a safe. Moving a piano across a flight of stairs can be extremely hazardous that’s why it’s best left for professional piano movers. If by any chance you decide to do this on your own, you should be extremely careful.

    Piano in a middle of the room

    How to prepare for a piano move

    If you’re planning on relocating your piano, you can’t just wake up one morning and decide to do it. You need to plan in advance so that you can ensure everything runs smoothly. Trying to move a piano alone is something you should never try. This is where hiring professional piano movers comes in handy. First off, you need to take adequate clear photos of your space before your move your piano in case you need to file any insurance claims due to damages.

    You should also ensure that you take adequate measurements of the piano and the doorways to make sure it fits perfectly. This will help you choose a more convenient route for the removal. Another thing you should take note of is any low-hanging lighting. The movers should also be able to manoeuvre through any sharp corners and tight spaces if there are any.

    It’s also advisable to clear the route to the moving van of any obstacles that might trip the piano movers. Some of the basics required when moving a piano include furniture moving dolly, loading straps, and strong tape. You should also ensure that the piano’s lid is safely secured before moving it.

    There are several packaging materials that your movers can opt for but when it comes to a piano, a moving blanket is best suited to wrap the piano because of its size. Thus making it one of the essential must-haves when preparing for your move.

    When wrapping up the piano with the tape you should be wary not to place it directly on the wood because it will be ruined. Wrapping the piano in a moving blanket will help protect it from any scuff damage.

    When it comes to antique pianos, then piano removal companies are the best solution considering the fragile nature of such a precious instrument. You certainly don’t want to throw your musical instrument just because you decided to take matters into your hands.

    man playing piano

    Where to place a piano

    As mentioned earlier, pianos are quite fragile and where you choose to place them is also essential in determining their durability. You should choose carefully where you want to place your piano in your new space. You should avoid placing your piano upstairs because of the hassle involved if you need to move it again.

    You should also avoid placing it in direct sunlight or any high temperatures. The best option is ensuring there is a stable room temperature. If you already know where to place your piano, your mover will easily ensure it’s in the right spot.

    With professional piano movers, relocating your piano from one place to the other is undoubtedly a manageable task. Whether you have a grand piano or an upright piano, you now have an idea of how much it will cost to move it safely. Considering there might be extra costs incurred, it’s advisable to consult with your mover so that you can have a better idea of what to expect in your final quote or how to come up with an accurate budget.