• Moving heavy furniture

  • Whether you’re organising an office move or renovating your space, moving heavy furniture can be quite an exhausting task. In situations where the furniture being moved needs special equipment or a few extra hands, then hiring a professional mover can come in handy.

    heavy boxes on an office table

    With a qualified and experienced moving company, you’ll have very little to worry about. Moving heavy furniture alone can be risky hence the need to work with a professional. But with the right tips, moving heavy furniture can be a seamless exercise.

    Moving heavy objects

    Whenever you’re moving furniture or heavy objects you need to be extra careful because a small misstep can lead to serious injury. You also don’t want to strain your back or joints when doing strenuous tasks. We can’t forget the risk of having the furniture tumbling down as you try to move it. If you don’t want to do any of this you also have the option of hiring qualified furniture movers in London for the job. Highlighted in this article are some effective tips for moving heavy objects without damaging them or causing yourself any harm.

    How to move heavy furniture

    There are different methods that you can use to move your furniture depending on where you want to move it to. The type of furniture you’re moving and how heavy it is will also determine how you move it from one spot to the other. You should also consider the surface over which you’re moving your furniture. You should also ensure that you carefully pack furniture for moving to ensure that your items are not damaged.

    How to move heavy furniture on carpet

    While you try not to damage the heavy furniture as you move it, you also need to be careful not to damage the floor surface. Here is how you can move your furniture safely without damaging your carpet.

    With the carpet being a smooth surface, you’ll need hard furniture sliders. They help to reduce friction and allow the furniture to slide over the carpet with ease. All you need to do is place the furniture sliders under the furniture’s feet before pushing it over the carpet. Some of the sliders alternatives that you can use include the following:

    • Plastic container covers/ lids
    • Tinfoil(place the shiny side up)
    • Cardboard squares

    Moving heavy furniture upstairs

    mover moving heavy furniture

    Moving furniture upstairs can be very tricky and especially hazardous because of the stairs which create more of a risk. To safely move heavy furniture up the stairs you can always ask for help. It will be easier for two people to lift heavy furniture because the weight will be equally balanced. Whether you want to move a pool table, a heavy closet, or any heavy furniture, hiring a mover will make things easier because you’ll have experts handling everything.

    You can also use the high and low method to balance the piece of furniture when moving it up a flight of stairs. For instance, if it’s a drawer, instead of carrying the furniture upright, you should tilt it in a way that the person leading holds the top side whereas the person following holds one side of the feet of the furniture. To avoid any injuries, you should ensure that your grip on the furniture is stable and secure.

    In most cases, if your mover encounters obstacles to slow them down when moving heavy furniture upstairs, it will most likely result in more charges due to the time taken. For instance, the piano removal cost is most likely to increase if there are several obstacles to be avoided and also because of the stairs that need to be manoeuvred.

    How to move heavy furniture downstairs

    Movers moving sofa down the stairs

    The high-low method can work when carrying furniture upstairs and downstairs. But when coming down, the person leading will be the one holding the feet of the furniture(if it’s a drawer), while the one following will hold the top part.

    This way, you will just have to set the furniture down in place. The method also ensures the furniture easily fits the angle of the stairs. For your safety, having a steady grip on the furniture is advised.

    Table on a carpet

    Moving heavy furniture on carpet without sliders

    Damaging your carpet when moving your furniture can be disappointing for anyone. So, how can you move your furniture without sliders? You can use furniture straps to ensure that your carpet stays in good condition. Shoulder straps are the most common type because they help take off the weight from your back.

    Once you securely attach the straps to the piece of furniture and fix it on your shoulders you can easily lift heavy furniture without damaging the carpet. Of course, you can’t do this alone so you’ll need help from someone else so that you can balance the weight. This method is however not suitable for moving furniture upstairs or downstairs because the weight of the item won’t balance evenly.

    Moving heavy furniture on wood floor

    Pool table on a wooden floor

    Whether your space has traditional wood flooring, laminate, or engineered wood, you certainly don’t want to leave any scratches or marks. Dragging your furniture on the surface can easily damage your wooden floor or your furniture. Whenever you’re moving objects on a wooden floor some of the options that you can consider include the following:

    • Using soft sliders. A suitable method for most hard flooring, all you need to do is place the sliders under the furniture’s feet so that it can be easy to move across the room. The soft sliders will reduce friction between the floor and the furniture.
    • Using moving blankets. Moving blankets help protect both the furniture and the floor surface. Once wrapped around the furniture, the moving blankets also protect the floor when setting the item to rest.
    • Moving dolly. With this option, all you need to do is place your furniture on the moving dolly and you can easily move it across the room. It’s, however, not the best option for moving objects upstairs or downstairs.
    • Using furniture straps. With furniture straps, it will be easier for you to manage the weight of the furniture and ensure better grip. It’s also ideal to be used on various floor types because the item won’t come in contact with the surface.

    Moving heavy objects across grass

    A beautifully lush green lawn isn’t something you’d want to ruin when moving heavy objects. To ensure that the grass remains intact, you can consider using lifting straps or a moving dolly. You can get more creative and use PVC pipes or several logs to slide the furniture across the grass. Getting a friend to help you is yet another solution that you can opt for.

    Moving heavy objects with rollers

    movers moving a fridge using rollers

    Rollers are ideal if you’re moving heavy objects because no heavy lifting is involved. This method requires you to place rollers underneath the item as you push it. you need to place the rollers in front of the furniture as you move till you get to where you’re headed.

    How to move heavy furniture without scratching floor

    We’ve already looked at some of the techniques that you can use to move your heavy furniture across different flooring types. As a precaution, you should not drag your furniture across the floor to avoid any potential damage. The following methods can be used if you don’t want to scratch your flooring:

    • Using sliders. (The type of flooring will determine whether you’ll place a hard slider or soft slider underneath.
    • Using shoulder dolly.
    • Using moving straps.
    • Using a moving blanket

    Moving heavy furniture with a dolly

    A dolly is a square platform where you can place your furniture and easily move it across the room. You can also use hand trucks which are similar to dollies but upright. They are more suitable for smaller items because the weight can easily tip and injure you.

    Health and safety moving heavy objects

    You should always be careful when lifting large objects to avoid injuring yourself. If possible, it’s good to get help from someone else. Knowing the right technique to lift heavy objects will help you avoid any back or joint injuries. For instance, if you’re having a safe removal, it’s advisable to seek help from a professional with all the equipment and know-how required to do the work more effectively and safely.

    How to lift heavy objects correctly

    Figuring how to move around heavy objects can be quite tricky especially if you’re alone. You should avoid lifting any heavy objects if you have any knee or back injuries. But first, you should ensure that you use the correct packaging types for your furniture before moving them. Here are some proper techniques to lift heavy objects by yourself.

    Lift heavy objects with pulleys

    A pulley will make it easier to lift heavy objects because it reverses your lifting force. You need to be careful to ensure that your object’s weight balances evenly. Pulling the rope down means the weight will be pulled up. You need to ensure that the weight you’re pulling isn’t too heavy for you to handle.

    Lift heavy objects with rope

    A rope works almost the same way as a pulley when it comes to lifting heavy objects. You need to ensure that the rope is properly tied to the piece of furniture to avoid it from falling. You should also ensure that the weight isn’t more than the rope can carry.

    Lift a heavy object with a lever

    With a lever, you don’t need to use a lot of energy lifting heavy objects because it makes everything easier to lift. A lever can be especially useful if you’re looking to move really heavy objects that you can’t do by yourself.

    How to safely lift heavy objects

    Your safety should be paramount whenever you’re planning to lift heavy furniture or objects during a move or renovation exercise. You need to also consider the offloading process. This can be done either in one of the different types of storage units or at your new location. Here is how you can safely lift heavy objects:

    • Be sure to bend with your knees, not your back when you’re lifting furniture.
    • Wearing the right clothing and shoes before embarking on lifting heavy objects is advisable to avoid any injuries( long sleeve clothes and closed shoes).
    • To avoid any injuries, you should avoid twisting your body when carrying heavy objects.
    • You should only carry items that you can safely lift. When it comes to heavy objects, you can always hire a removals company to help you out.
    • Be sure to use safe equipment like moving dollies when moving things up or downstairs. This will help you avoid any injuries.