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    How to pack for moving office

    Learn how to pack for moving office. If the packaging is done accordingly, then you won’t have to worry about misplacing or breaking some of your important belongings. But how do you ensure the packing is right for an office move?

    How do I start packing for an office move

    The safety of your belongings is paramount when you’re thinking of packing for an office move. You certainly don’t want to lose those important documents, stain them or even worse, break any electronics. To avoid such mishaps, you need to ensure that the packing is done carefully and by a professional. Here are some of the packing tips you can consider when planning your office move:

    1. Plan everything ahead of time

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    An office move isn’t something you just wake up and decide you’ll embark on. You need to plan in advance, preferably between three months to six weeks before the big move. This way, you’ll be able to establish a suitable timeline for everything including the moving and packing. You also need to factor in the office moving costs so that you can establish a reasonable budget.

    2. Hire a reliable moving company

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    Most office removals companies have the resources like transportation, labour, packaging, and storage facilities which may be necessary for seamless office relocation. Ensuring that you’re working with a reliable moving company is a crucial step when it comes to planning for an office move. You can hire movers to also pack for you if you want everything done professionally and it will also reduce your workload.

    This way, you’ll get professional guidance on how different items should be packed. For instance, you get experts to handle the packaging and offloading of your IT infrastructure, which is crucial and sensitive for any business.

    3. Ensure that you have all the packing supplies

    Having all of the packing supplies at your disposal will ensure that you are able to pack everything without leaving anything behind. Depending on the nature or size of the various items that need to be packed you might require different types of packing materials.

    You might also need to purchase the packing materials in advance if the moving company you’re working with doesn’t have any. To avoid any mishaps, you should ensure that the packing material is sturdy enough to accommodate whatever is being moved.

    4. Sort out what you want to pack in advance

    During an office move ensuring minimum downtime on the business is among the most important goals. Sorting out what you’ll need to pack in advance and starting the exercise early on is one way to ensure that you avoid any last minute rush. This will also enable you to get everything in place at the right time. You’ll also be able to establish what you need to dispose and those that will need to be moved or even donated.

    Any last-minute rush can prove to be costly for your business because you might end up misplacing things or poorly handle some of the important equipment or documents. You certainly don’t want to risk any important information ending up in the wrong hands.

    5. Create a moving folder

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    This will help you know and ensure that everything you wanted to be moved has been moved to the new location. It will help you keep track of the progress during the move. It’s advisable to come up with a hardcopy moving folder that you can use at any time during the move. The folder should contain any important information pertaining to the move. It can include a detailed inventory list, your movers’ contacts, to any contractual agreement you may have between the two parties.

    6. Be in charge of the delicate items

    You can always remain with any delicate documents to avoid any complications while the move is underway. It is also an ideal way to avoid any sensitive information pertaining to your business from reaching the wrong hands. You do not want to compromise your daily operations in any way.

    7. Start packing from one office to the other

    You can start packing from one office to the other or from one department to the other. This will help keep everything organised and avoid any confusion that is likely to arise. It will also be easier to tell your movers what goes where when it’s time to unload. You can always start with the office that is rarely used or the one that has the least activity to avoid causing much disruption to your business.

    8. Do not overload the moving boxes

    When you’re packing, you should avoid packing a lot of things in one box, or whatever packaging you’ll be using. Be sure to pack moderately since lifting heavy boxes can cause back pains. It would also be quite disastrous if the box tore and dropped everything to the ground. You should also ensure the boxes are carefully sealed once you’re done packing.


    Tips for packing for an office move

    When packing for office relocation, you want to ensure that nothing is left behind. One way to do this is by ensuring that everything is packed accordingly. With the right office removal services in London, you’ll have very little to worry about. We know how stressful the exercise can be so we have highlighted a few tips on how you can pack some of your office belongings.

    How to pack your boxes for moving

    As mentioned earlier, you should avoid overloading your packing boxes. You should also have boxes of different sizes. It’s advisable to pack heavy items in small packages and light items in large ones. This is a great way to avoid any overloading.

    The best way to pack boxes for moving if you’re planning on placing both heavy and light items in one box, you should start packing the heavy stuff at the bottom followed by the light ones. If you have any fragile or breakable items, you should ensure that there are no spaces in the box.

    If there’s any, you can always fill them using pieces of paper to avoid any breakages. It’s advisable to clearly label and seal your boxes once you’re done as it will be easier for you to know where each item was placed.

    The best way to pack furniture for moving

    From chairs to desks, every office has a variety of office furniture. To avoid any damage, you need to know how to pack furniture for moving. Of course, if you’re working with reliable moving companies, these are some of the things you don’t have to worry about.

    To protect your office furniture against any damage during the move, you can always wrap them using bubble wrap or plastic wrap. You can also use a protective slipcover or moving blanket. If you have any mirrors, you can apply this same hack.

    Packing electronics for moving

    If you are wondering how to pack electronics for moving, we have a few hacks for you:

    • Computers. You should ensure that you have removed any discs from the drive and disconnected any cables from the computer before you start packing. If you’ll have a hard time remembering you can always take pictures or a video so that you can see how to connect the cables. For safety purposes when packing the computer in the moving boxes, you should ensure that you’ve covered it using a moving blanket or paper padding.
    • Printers. You can pack the printing machine in a container or bag then wrap it using a packing tape. But before packing, you should ensure that you’ve removed any cartridges and disconnected the cables and power cords.

    Packing fragile items for a move

    The best way to pack for moving when it comes to breakables or fragile items like glass vases or table lamps is by wrapping them with bubble wrap and packing them vertically to avoid any breakages. With the lamps, you should ensure that you pick a box that the lamp fits perfectly.

    Packing art work for moving

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    If your office has some art décor, it’s advisable to carefully pack the pieces to avoid damaging them. Depending on the type of art work you have, here are a few packing hacks:

    • Fine art pieces. When moving and packing, you should ensure that the painted face of the piece is protected. You can do this by wrapping it with padding to avoid any damage.
    • Canvas art. When relocating, you should pack the pieces with the back of the frame facing each other. Afterward, you can wrap the pieces together carefully.
    • Framed pictures. The ideal way to pack such art pieces is by wrapping them first using paper then pack them in picture boxes. You can use cardboard boxes to separate the pieces during transportation.

    How to pack items in a truck for moving

    Having reliable transport is a crucial part of planning an office move. Whether you’re moving the items to your new location or to a storage facility, you’ll need to ensure that you pack your stuff carefully in the moving truck. There are different types of storage facilities that you can opt for but all this will depend on the items being stored.

    When packing your stuff in the moving truck, you should ensure that you start with the heavy items first. This will ensure there is no risk of any breakages when it comes to fragile items. When packing furniture you should avoid having any gaps between items.

    You should ensure that you make the most of the available space by carefully organising your belongings. It is also advisable to pack items from one office together to avoid any mixups when offloading the stuff.

    After going through the packing and moving tips above, we can all agree that relocation can be an easy task. especially, if you choose to work with a qualified removals company. You need to be very diligent during the packing exercise because you don’t want to damage or loose anything that is crucial for your business. With these hacks, we can only hope that your packing process is easier.