• Safe and Vault Removal Service

  • Whether you’re doing an office relocation or home relocation, you may be required to move a safe. Some big and some small. Safe removals require knowledge, experience, and specialist skills to handle the use of equipment such as roller bars, scoots, and stair lifters. That is why you need to get a professional safe removal company that will handle your vault removal and relocation service.

    Residential safes may be simple to move as they are smaller in size, however, office safes are much larger in size making it important to involve fully trained movers to help with the process as they require specialist equipment.

    There are several safe removals specialists in the UK whose services you can hire to move your safe and vaults.

    What are the reasons for safe removal?

    Relocation from one location to another. If you want to relocate to a different place, you would want to remove your safe and move with it.

    Replacement or disposal. Either your current safe is small in size, or no longer serves you the purpose, you may want to move it either to get a bigger one or completely dispose of it.

    Moving from one room to another. At times, you may want to move your safe from one room to another. Either to create space or for convenience.

    What are the different types of Safes?

    There are several types of safes that people install for security purposes. They could either be home or residential safes, or commercial safes. They include:

    • Bank vaults
    • Office safes
    • Hotel safes
    • Madia/data safes

    Bank Vaults

    These are basically part of the building that is heavily guarded, also found in libraries, museums, and post offices.

    Office safes

    These are of higher quality than home safes. They are fireproof and drop point tested. Meaning that they can’t open if dropped from a high point to the ground floor.

    Hotel safes

    These are inexpensive safes provided by hotels to their customers, they use a special combination provided by the hotel to unlock the safe.

    Media/data safes

    These are safes used to store company data and are known to be fire-resistant.

    How to move safes

    Saves are moved depending on their size, there are various safe moving ways that ensure safety during the whole removal process. Since most people do not have the equipment needed to move safes, this is where safe engineers come in. You should always be careful when moving heavy objects hence it’s advisable to let a professional do the job.

    Use of stairs- Stairs are used if the safe is to be moved to the upper floor up or down. They’re mostly used in residential homes where not too many stairs are being taken.

    Use of lifts- Lifts are often used in taller buildings. It is important to ensure that the lift can comfortably carry the weight of the safe, the lifting equipment, and the personnel installing safes.

    Use of windows- Windows are used when the lifts are too big to fit on stairs or lifts. Often cranes are used to carry larger safes and lifts.

    For smaller safe moving, a site survey is not necessary as they’re easier to move around compared to larger safes. It is however important for safe movers to survey the business premises or home prior to moving larger safes. This way, the move can be done in an efficient manner.

    Depending on the nature of your move, you might need a safe storage facility for your safe before the final move is done. With the many options available, your mover can help you choose one that is best suited for your move.

    Safe vault

    How much does it cost to move a safe?

    On average, office removals cost anywhere between £3,000 to £10,000, therefore you need to ensure that the safe removal costs are also factored in. There are several factors that determine the price of moving a safe such as;

    The after services required after the safe moving, for example, will there be a need for safe installation afterward?

    The distance in which the safe is being moved. If the safe is in a close location, then the cos will be cheaper compared to a safe being moved in a long distance.

    The weight of the safe. If it weighs more, then the charges are likely to be slightly higher than one with a lighter weight. For example, moving a 12 lb safe will be cheaper than moving a 2000lb safe.

    Just like there are several things affecting piano removals cost or any other moving costs you might incur, you also need to consider the factors highlighted above. That’s because they’re likely to have an impact on the cost of relocating your safe.

    What to consider before moving your safe

    Before moving your safe, there are several things you can consider to make the whole transition smooth.

    Empty the safe before moving

    Valuables are put in safes. It only makes sense to empty the safe before moving it. This is to ensure that nothing of value is destroyed during the moving process. Documents, jewellery, and other valuable products remain secure in the moving period.

    Hire a professional safe removals company

    There are several companies offering safe removal services in London. Before moving your commercial safe, it is important to get professional advice to avoid any errors during the entire process. You also want to avoid having your safe handled by unqualified people, thus making it necessary to seek professional help from safe removals experts.

    Give the movers all information necessary

    It is important to give all information necessary before the moving day. This is to avoid any inconveniences and extra costs. Information that seems useless could be very crucial such as; can the safe fit in a lift, where is the safe located, is a survey necessary before removal or installation?

    Be prepared.

    It is important to prepare the space you’ll be moving your safe to. This is to avoid any delays when creating space when the safe has already been removed.

    Moving your safe can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. With the help of a qualified and reliable expert, you will have little to worry about. The safety of your safe is the other thing you don’t need to worry about since it will be handled by an expert.