• What to do if movers steal your stuff

  • Working with a professional moving company to manage all of your relocation needs is one of the best methods to guarantee a smooth and trouble-free move. However, even the most reputable companies can sometimes make mistakes. In rare cases, items may even be stolen by dishonest movers. So what do you do?

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    Keep reading to find out what you should do if you have reason to believe that the movers you hired stole something from you.

    1. Check Your Inventory

    If your items were stored, you will get an inventory list. So the first step is to check your inventory list to see what items are missing. If you hired a professional moving company, they should have provided you with an inventory list of everything contained in the storage unit.

    2. File a Complaint with the Moving Company

    File a complaint with the moving company. Give as many specifics as you can, like the time and location where the missing items were first reported missing and the day you discovered them.

    The company will likely investigate the matter and take appropriate action if they find that its employees were responsible for the theft.

    3. File a Police Report

    If you suspect that your movers stole something from you and you are not happy with the outcome you should also file a police report.

    Filing a police report will help to ensure that the matter is taken seriously and appropriately investigated.

    4. Contact Your Insurance Company

    To find out if your policy covers theft committed by movers, if you have renters insurance or homeowners insurance, you need get in touch with your insurance provider. Most policies will not cover this loss, but it’s always worth checking.

    5. Take Legal Action

    If you have evidence that your movers stole something from you, you may want to take legal action against them. This is a complicated process, so speak with an attorney before taking action. Or you can take a less expensive route by contacting Ombudsman.

    No one wants to think that their movers would steal from them, but it’s important to know what to do if it happens. If dishonest movers take your goods, you can protect yourself and guarantee that you are treated fairly by following the measures outlined above.