• Do you help movers

  • As much as you should allow movers to do their job, there are several ways you can help and make their work easier. It’s pretty normal to feel compelled to help whenever you have movers around but most of them prefer if you allow them to do their job without any interference. You can always call the moving company beforehand and ask whether there is something you should do to help or in preparation for the move. Here’s how you can help movers.

    1. Pack and label your stuff

    Packed Box on a table

    Unless you have paid for the packing services, it’s advisable to pack and label your stuff in advance. This way, you’ll e able to easily put the valuable items aside and your movers will know how to handle all the items. You will also get a chance to create an inventory list that you can compare with your movers to help keep track of everything.

    2. Avoid telling your movers what to do

    Sometimes it’s inevitable to want to instruct the movers on how they should handle your stuff, however, it’s crucial to remember that your movers are a team of professionals that are well-trained on how to handle different stuff, including the fragile ones.

    3. Offer refreshments

    Food delivery guy giving food to a lady

    Moving is a taxing activity especially if it involves lifting heavy equipment or items from one point to the other. Offering refreshments or a light snack is the perfect way to show appreciation and help your movers feel rejuvenated.

    4. Keep pets and children away

    Having children or pets running around the house during a move can be pretty disruptive. It would be a great liability if the children or pets broke some valuable items as they move around. If you have pets, you can lock them up in one room and make sure they have enough water and food. It’s advisable to move children to a different place as the movers go about their tasks.

    Once everything is done, you should always double-check to ensure that nothing is left behind. If you have any valuables like jewellery or paintings, you can place them in your car to avoid any damage to them. By doing the above, you can easily help your mover and make their work easier.