• 11 Relocation tips that will help to simplify your moving process

  • Simplify your move with these office relocation tips. The thought of moving into a new office space is exciting. Mostly because it’s usually an upgrade from the current office. For most offices, it’s not only about a change in office location, but also a change in the general office layout. That is why you need great removal tips.

    This only means that there will be a lot of activity going on not only on the move day but also days before and after. For an office, it might mean reduced productivity during the moving process. However, here are office move tips that will help the move go as smoothly as possible.

    office removals moving a table

    1. Plan for the move in advance

    Before starting a business, looking for an ideal location to put your startup is among the most important thing. And for most, relocation happens when the business is stable. You could decide that you want to move either in 6 months or a year as opposed to having an impromptu move.

    Although you may find yourself having an impromptu relocation due to unavoidable circumstances, planning for a relocation in advance helps with a number of things such as financial planning for the moving budget, getting enough time to search for the perfect location as well as researching on the most suitable moving company.

    1. 2 Pick a moving schedule

    Another tip is to pick a moving schedule that is not on busy days. If it’s impossible to do so, you can always make your customers aware of the move day by posting it on the company website or social media platforms. It’s also advisable to notify your employees about the relocation in advance so that they can be well-prepared too.

    2. Have a moving checklist

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    When you’re relocating offices, create a checklist as it will help you remember even the tiniest details during the planning process and even after the move. Moving is generally a stressful process and you’ll find that it’s impossible to remember everything. Feel free to add things that you remember later to your checklist. This includes having a separate safety checklist for you to follow. This office move safety tips guide will help get started on creating that checklist.

    It is important to ensure that all the to-dos have been articulated even after the move. This could be from buying office supplies to ordering new furniture or refurbishing the old ones.

    3. Put all the boxes in the same room in the new location.

    Having all the boxes in the same room makes it easy to arrange the space as you’d imagined it. Its also enables to open the boxes one at a time as opposed to opening all boxes at the same time.

    4. Get a moving manager in charge of the moving

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    For most companies, the owners tend to be in charge of the office relocation as they have an idea of what they want the new office to look like. This could be from the floor plans, colour codes, and general interior decor.

    Having a planning team in charge of the upcoming move helps in settling quickly at the new office space and proper coordination on the moving day. As much as you have hired a moving company, they’re not as conversant with the office as a team member would.

    5. Ensure that all the wiring and piping is done before the relocation

    The IT department is quite important for any company. Before moving offices, it is crucial to ensure that the electrical wiring is done before moving into the new space. Doing the wiring after the move only means delayed operation after moving.

    Confirming that the piping is done right helps avoid leakages that might be discovered after the move. This helps in avoiding damages that could be incurred if you’ve not checked the lighting and piping properly.

    6. Set up the important machines first.

    These include phone, screens to ensure that the business is up and running as soon as possible.

    7. Deep clean your office

    messy office with boxes

    Deep clean your office before moving to your new location. This means cleaning the office carpet, dusting large machines, and fabric seats. To reduce the workload, you can hire a company that offers cleaning services.

    This is the time to declutter and ensure that only important and functional equipment moves to the new office. Deep cleaning your new office before occupying to ensure that the space is dust free and rubbish is taken care off.

    8. Do a detailed check

    Doing a detailed check before and after the office relocation cuts out any unnecessary costs to be incurred if damages are to be discovered later. Do detailed damage check in both the new and old office space before the set moving date. Use this time to check with your current landlord to ensure that there are no damages in the current office.

    During this time, you want to check for any changes that you’d like made before relocation. This could be a new floor plan, filing cabinets, or even lighting. Remember to get the building management involved before making any changes in the new office.

    9. Move the essential equipment first

    packing box

    Offices harbor a lot of things, some not as essential as others. During your big move, start with essential office equipment first such as computers, office furniture, and important documents.

    You might also consider having the removal company move larger equipment first as they occupy more space and have a fixed place that they’re put. These include desks, lounge chairs, and desktops. Employees then will have a simpler task of arranging their workstation and personal belongings in ways that they’d like.

    10. Update your new address

    office keys

    It is easy to forget to update your address after moving to a new location. It is important to update your customers, local partners, involved financial institutions, and other important stakeholders of your office relocation. This way, you avoid losing important clients due to the move.

    Update the new address on the company website, social media platforms as well as internal communication platforms to ensure that even employees are notified of the office moves. This is especially important in large organizations where there is a whole moving team involved and some staff may not be aware of the awaited move.

    11. Celebrate moving to a new space!

    People are celebrating next to a food table

    Celebrating with your team is important for any business. Office relocation is an exciting move that deserves celebration. While building a good relationship, it is time for the staff to familiarize themselves with their new working space.

    A detailed floor plan that clearly shows where the restroom is, necessary offices, etc. You could choose to celebrate your relocation on the moving day, or the day after.

    As much as you may want to save some money and do the moving by yourself, you should consider looking for moving companies that will help make the whole process almost hassle-free! And with these office relocation tips highlighted above, you’re bound to have a seamless move with reduced downtime.