• IT Relocation London

  • Are you planning for an IT relocation in London? As one of London's leading IT relocation companies, we know a secure and stable data and IT infrastructure is vital. A move can represent a complex logistical challenge for your company. You can rely on our exceptional technical expertise for business as usual.

  • Planning for IT Relocation

  • Experience has taught us that meticulous planning is essential for a successful move. You will get a dedicated IT relocation project planning team who will work with you to put a timetable in place. Excellent two-way communications are the first step to project management, so we will know what you want from the start.

    One of the team member from Office Removals London will be on hand to take you through the process, and you will be informed every step of the way. IT Relocation London recognises that your move involves more than transporting hardware to the new premises and pushing the on switch.

    Whether you are migrating software to new infrastructure or moving the infrastructure itself, you have a duty to your business to ensure data security. We are aware of the business necessity to keep the planned outage to a minimum. Our experienced and professional team know what it takes to carry out a pain-free and cost-efficient move.

  • Taking Care of your IT Relocation

  • Every move has its challenges, but the basics apply every time. Downtime costs you money, so we aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We will come onsite for a detailed evaluation and survey of both your existing and new location. We will talk to you about your exact requirements some of the things we will discuss:

    • Internal office IT moves, including computer transportation services
    • Structured network data cabling including fibre optic installation and repair, including Wireless / Wi-Fi
    • Installation, testing and rollout of new equipment
    • And most importantly service and data centre relocation across single or multi locations

    In the event of equipment recycling or disposal you can rest assured that we are compliant with all the necessary environmental and data destruction (including GDPR) regulations.

    With so much technology involved, there can be no margin for error. We guarantee the safety and security of all your equipment, cabling, storage units, terminals, printers, and other specialist technology during packing, transportation and installation. In all cases, you can be assured that our qualified and trained personnel will take every precaution.

  • IT Relocation Aftercare

  • Once your move has taken place, we are proud to inform you that our service doesn’t stop there. Your IT equipment will be handled correctly, delivered safely and on schedule, and fully functional - but most importantly within budget. For your business continuity purposes - and total peace of mind - we ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is functioning perfectly with technical check-ups and maintenance.

    Contact IT Relocation London today to discuss your requirements.