• Are you planning a library relocation? As one of the UK’s leading library moving companies, you can trust us with your precious collections of books, papers, or archives. A move can represent a substantial organisational challenge. You can rely on our exceptional relocation expertise for access as usual.

  • Planning For Your Library Relocation

    Experience has taught us that meticulous planning is essential for successful library removals. Regardless of the collection size, you will be allocated a dedicated library relocation project planning team who will work with you to put a timetable in place. Excellent two-way communications are the first step to library project management, so we will know what you want from the start.

    We know that you are curators, archivists or information professionals, and our specialists will be on hand to work with you. Library moving companies like us recognise that this involves more than transporting books to new premises and putting them on shelves. Our experienced office relocation in London porters know what it takes to carry out a pain free and cost-efficient library move.

  • Library Removals are our Speciality!

    Every move has its challenges, and libraries require special attention as their function varies across organisations. Whether you are refurbishing your current premises and need storage or moving to brand new facilities, we can assist. We will come onsite for a detailed evaluation and survey of your existing and new location. Onsite will be discussed your requirements among other topics:

    • Familiarisation with your bespoke library/archive/collection set up to advise on space planning and design, and collection management, if required.
    • Efficient and accurate sequential packing and unpacking, as well as interfiling and integration. Our own information specialists are conversant with major classification systems such Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress
    • Complete dismantling and installation of library racking, shelving and stacks
    • Crate hire for easy transportation of books and equipment

    Our library relocations service has a strong expertise in rare book and special collections, which require careful handling. We guarantee the safety and security of all your material, as well as other specialist library technology during packing, transportation and installation. In all cases you can be assured that our qualified and trained personnel will take every precaution.

  • Library Relocation Aftercare

    Once your library move has taken place, we are proud to inform you that our service doesn’t stop there. The contents of your library will be handled correctly, delivered safely and on schedule, and fully operational - but most importantly within budget.

    Contact our Library Relocation Services team today to discuss your requirements.