• Laboratory Relocation Specialists

  • If you are planning laboratory removals, look no further that our lab relocation services. As one of the leading laboratory relocation specialists in the UK, we can assist you regardless of the size and specialism. A laboratory move can represent a complex logistical challenge, therefore you can rely on our exceptional technical expertise for research as usual.

  • Planning for Laboratory Relocation

    Experience has taught us that meticulous planning and a deep understanding of laboratory management is essential for a successful move. This is why you will be allocated a dedicated laboratory relocation project planning team who will work with you to put a timetable in place. Excellent two-way communications is the first step so we know exactly what you want from the start.

    Our laboratory moving company will be on hand to take you through the process and you will be informed every step of the way. Our Laboratory relocation service is fully compliant with all GxP standards, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Our many years of industry experience means that you can expect us to meet all your laboratory removal needs, whether in the UK or worldwide.

  • Taking Care of Laboratory Removals

    Every lab move has its own challenges but the basics apply every time. Downtime costs you research and development time and money, therefore we aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We come onsite for a detailed evaluation and survey of both your existing and new location. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Pre-packing preparation and decontamination of instruments and laboratory equipment.
    • Full legal and regulatory compliance regarding the correct handling of all hazardous material and wastes, chemicals, and lab samples and research specimens
    • Proper care and storage of laboratory data during relocation
    • Dismantling of laboratory hardware, accessories, and laboratory equipment

    With so much specialist scientific equipment and sensitive material involved, there can be no margin for error. We guarantee the safety and security of all your equipment, cabling, storage units, and other specialist technology during packing, transportation and installation. In all cases you can be assured that our highly qualified and trained laboratory personnel will take every precaution.

  • International Laboratory Removals

    We live in an age where corporations cross international borders to follow scientific expertise. Life science and laboratory-based businesses are subject to specific international regulations. If you are moving your laboratory equipment overseas, we can assist with customs clearance and documentation. Time is of the essence when dealing with specimens and drug products so we arrange everything beforehand to avoid sensitive shipments being delayed.

  • Laboratory Relocation Aftercare

    Once your lab move has taken place, we are proud to inform you that our service doesn’t stop there. Your laboratory equipment will be handled correctly, delivered safely and on schedule, and fully functional - but most importantly within budget. For your business continuity purposes - and total peace of mind - we ensure that your entire laboratory infrastructure is functioning perfectly.

    Contact our Laboratory Relocation Specialists today to discuss your lab move requirements.