• If you are planning a warehouse relocation, then look no further. As one of the the leading warehouse moving companies in the UK we provide specialist removal services for machinery, shelving, and associated warehouse IT equipment transportation and relocation. We know that a move can represent a logistical challenge for your business. Whatever the reason for your move you need to know that we can get you settled with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Planning for Warehouse Removals

  • Experience has taught us that meticulous planning is essential for a successful move. This is why you will be allocated a dedicated project planning team who will work with you to put a timetable in place. Excellent two-way communications is the first step so we will know exactly what you want from the start.

    We will be permanently on hand to take you through the process and you will be informed every step of the way. You might need temporary storage where your goods can be kept secure for a short while. This eventuality is catered for and can be incorporated into the plan.

  • Taking Care of your Warehouse Relocation

  • Every warehouse move has its own challenges but basic know how applies every time. We know that operational downtime will cost you money. Therefore we aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We will come onsite for a detailed evaluation and survey of both your existing and new location, and talk to you about your exact requirements.

    Your move will include all your warehouse storage equipment and containers, as well as the goods inside them. Although the contents can be transported easily, there will be a certain amount of dismantling of larger plant machinery. Our warehouse movers will guarantee that all specialist equipment will be reassembled so that your warranties and insurance will remain unaffected.

    There can be no margin for error when moving. You will need all your expensive machinery, infrastructure, storage units, and specialist equipment transported to your new premises. This might require refit and redesign to take into account your existing storage equipment. In all cases you can be assured that our highly qualified and trained personnel will take every precaution.

  • National and International Removals

  • Regardless of whether you are planning a nationwide relocation, or even an overseas move, we can offer total satisfaction. We are proud of our comprehensive worldwide warehouse relocation service and our partners in the EU and further afield ensure competitive shipping and airfreight rates.

  • Aftercare

  • Once your move has taken place, we are proud to inform you that our service doesn’t stop there. For your business continuity purposes - and total peace of mind - we ensure that your warehouse is functioning perfectly with technical check-ups and maintenance.

    Contact us today to discuss your warehouse removals requirements.