• Are movers cheaper on weekdays

  • Yes, it is often cheaper to move on weekdays. It’s usually affordable because most movers are usually less busy Monday through Thursday, thus affecting the cost of moving. This will however vary with each moving company so it’s advisable to inquire about the pricing first.

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    Moving over the weekdays has its advantages and its affordability can help you save on your moving expenses. You can use the saved money to make your move more convenient by paying for packing services. This way, your move will even take a shorter duration and you will spare yourself the trouble of having to pack your belongings.

    If you have children and you’re planning on a same-day move, moving during the weekday will save you a lot of trouble because you can move while they’re still in school. If you’re going to work you’re going to need to take some time off for the move.

    As much as moving during the weekdays might be beneficial, you should also consider some of the shortcomings which include missing out on work, disrupting your children’s school schedule and getting less help. If you might need help from your friends, it might be difficult to get any because most people are at work during weekdays.

    The cost of moving varies with each company so it is advisable to consult with your mover prior so that you can also confirm their availability. You can also inquire whether they have any weekday offers or discounts for their services.