• Preparing appliances for your upcoming move in London

    Whenever you’re thinking of a commercial move, one of the most important things to do is early planning. You need to prepare your staff members and most importantly, get all your appliances and equipment ready for the upcoming move. So, how do you ensure that your London office move goes as planned?

    One way to do this is by prepping your equipment for the relocation. The preparation is mainly done to protect the machinery and equipment and ensure that they arrive at the new location in good condition.

    You should ensure that all your equipment is disconnected on time to avoid any last-minute rush. The same goes for any large machinery that is to be relocated to your new location. This brings about the need to set a suitable timeline for doing all this to avoid a lot of disruptions for your business. 

    For your office, you should make sure that everything: from the printers, computers, shredders, telephone systems and kitchen supplies (e.g. coffee machine, refrigerator, etc), are disconnected in time and all cables are safely kept.

    This would also be a great time to ensure that your equipments are serviced before the day of the move. For the office kitchen supplies, it is advisable to empty and clean them before their packaged for transportation. Defrost the refrigerator before its packaging too. 

    With our removal services, you also get access to a cleaning team that ensures that the space is left sparkling clean and all the waste is properly disposed off. 

    London office move checklist

    Procrastination is certainly not the way to go during an office move but early planning is. For a seamless move, planning early is important when getting everything in place. This way you get adequate time to ensure that you choose the best removals company and also prepare your business for the upcoming downtime. 

    When it comes to choosing the right removals company, you want to choose one that is efficient and reliable. With Office Removals London, you get to work with a team of reliable experts. 

    The project manager works closely with you to ensure that your relocation is successful. This is from the initial planning, packaging, to the loading and off-loading of everything on arrival to your new location.

    You also get a team that is fast, timely and diligent. With the level of expertise, training and years of experience, the team members are able to handle various projects regardless of the nature or complexity. 

    Waste disposal is something else you don’t have to worry about. The team also ensures that your belongings are safe and in good condition. Weather it’s a library relocation or machinery removals, you don’t need to stress about the safety of your belongings.

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