• Do My Carpets Have To Be Cleaned Prior To Moving Office?

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    Offices sometimes look cleaner than they actually are. If you are moving your office to a new location, you are going to be surprised at what you find. The movers might be doing the work, but you might need to do some cleaning. Or perhaps you outsource the cleaning responsibilities. Once that furniture is gone, you are going to see that there is quite a bit of cleanup that needs to be done. What about those carpets?

    Do you own the building that you are vacating, or are you leasing the property? If you are leasing the property, you are certainly responsible for what it looks like once you have moved your office. If you own the property, you also want it to look nice once it is vacated. The floor area of an office is quite large, so you have to keep in mind the fact that the carpets might need to be cleaned.

    Once the floor space is clear, you might see that the carpets have stains. They also might look quite dirty without the decor. Carpets traps all kinds of dust and dirt. With the office setup in place, you might not have been able to clean them in the past. Or maybe you had them cleaned from time to time, but it’s been awhile. There are perhaps instances where carpets don’t have to be cleaned when owners move an office to a new location. Yet you would think that it would be high on the priority list for most situations.

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    You want to leave the office clean. You don’t want those contaminants staying in the carpeting for the new tenants. Whoever occupies the building next is going to want a clean office. They will likely come in and clean the space themselves a little, too, especially if the office sits vacant for awhile. Yet you want to leave the office in better shape than you found it originally.

    You might not paint the walls. And you might not decorate because you’re vacating the office. Yet one thing you can do is clean those carpets. With everything removed from the office, a lot of dust and dirt has again settled on and inside those carpets. It only makes sense to have those carpets cleaned so that the entire place can be considered clean and tidy.

    Are you going to fit the carpet cleaning into your budget? Maybe you’re trying to get a deposit back, and you’re going to pay for the carpet cleaning so that you can make sure that the place is tidy. Again, you might not think that an office is that dirty until you really see everything removed. And moving office furniture around is going to release dust and other particles into the air as mentioned.

    Those particles are going to settle into the carpet. You might not see them, and you might not even see how that happens since the movers are going to take care of the heavy lifting. That doesn’t mean, however, that the carpets don’t need to be cleaned. All of that dust and dirt and those allergens need to be removed.

    While it might not be a rule in your case that the carpets need to be cleaned, you should think about this decision based on the information that has been provided. You would think that it’s a good idea for sure, and you can find the company that can do it for a good price. Then you can leave the place smelling fresh and ready for the next tenant. Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?