• Should you renovate or move office

  • If you’re thinking of changing your office space, you can either consider renovating or moving to a new space. While both are good ideas that will incur some extra cost, it all comes down to whichever suits your business needs best. So you are thinking about whether you should renovate or relocate? For most, renovation may sound cheaper. However, the costs can be higher compared to moving.

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    Your business location is important when it comes to operational planning. If your office is in a good location, renovation might be the best alternative for you. However, if your office location does not serve the intended purpose, you will have to relocate and start afresh.

    Moving your office is not as complicated as it sounds if you get the right office moving company. The first step is deciding if you should move or renovate.

    How do you know if you should relocate?

    If your current location doesn’t work for you, then it’s time to move. Could be that it’s not geographically fit for your business anymore, you need a bigger space, you’ve found cheaper alternatives.

    Whatever your reason is to relocate, London has amazing office spaces that you can move in that suit your office needs. Relocation has more benefits as you get to pick a space that will suit you best. For successful office removals in North London, you should ensure that you work with a qualified and reliable removals company.

    For example, if you needed a larger office space, you have the chance to pick property from a neighbourhood that will suit you best. Having a variety of spaces to choose from will ensure that you end with the best depending on your projected cost.

    Whenever you’re choosing the right office removals companies in London to work with, you should ensure that you’re diligent with the process to avoid hiring any cowboy builders.

    If you do decide to move, you will need help. Here are some great ideas for your next office move. From hosting a party to providing lunch to your employees and even gift ideas.

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    What are the advantages of relocating

    Apart from moving to your ideal location, relocation to a new space gives you the chance to preplan everything as you’d want it to be. Such as office layout, decor, walls, and general ambiance, adding long-term value to your office space and a touch of modernity.

    Hiring a professional real estate agent and a moving company is a trade-off in regards to professionalism. Especially when handling your relocation, looking for the right place, handling paperwork such as down payment, lease contracts, and such. Whenever you’re planning your relocation, you should ensure that there’s minimal downtime to your business.

    Relocating could involve moving valuable assets such as computers and printers. For your IT infrastructure, you’re advised to get professional IT movers in London that will ensure safety in handling your assets. You should also work with a mover that has all the necessary resources to ensure a seamless relocation.

    How do you know if you should renovate

    Is it cheaper to renovate or move? There are several reasons why you would have to renovate your office space as opposed to relocating.

    • If your current location favours your business needs
    • If the renovation project is minor
    • If its a cheaper alternative to moving
    • If it’s closer to your market
    • If you’re tied down to a long lease
    • If you have unmovable office equipment
    • If you have space for an extension

    However, for homeowners, office extensions out of the main house such as the living room or garage would be the best option. With ongoing renovations, you’ll have to get a temporary space to move away from the construction zone while the renovation project is ongoing.

    office renovation

    Getting professional high-end builders in London for the renovations is important as they would help actualize what you have in mind. And add value to your existing space for your money. For most house extensions, owners do not need planning permission as the renovations are minor. However, it’s advisable to check with the local planning authorities before commencing the renovation project.

    In instances where renovation is not an option, you might be required to move from your current space. It is advisable to look for a professional to help you get the perfect property for your company. They will be able to guide you on legal issues such as stamp duty, depending on the type of property, project cost, helping relieve some of the relocation stress off of you.

    Whether you settle on renovations or relocation, you need to pick an option that will serve you best. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that the costs you incur are worth the change made. Plan accordingly not to break the bank with the renovations projects or the relocation.

    If you’re a homeowner extending your property with the intent to implement a cost-effective project, you should focus on efficient planning to avoid draining your savings. Ensure the renovation is worth the time and money you incur. Getting professional contractors is the right step towards ensuring that you get the most out of your renovation.