• Office move safety tips to consider

  • The right office move safety tips will safeguard you from harm. Whether you want to downsize, upsize, change your office outlook or move to a more convenient place. You need to know these office moving safety tips and checklists.


    Whatever reason you have to move your office, you have to consider safety precautions during the moving process. This applies to the personnel involved as well as office equipment. It is easy to overlook safety concerns during the moving process which might end up being disadvantageous in the long run.

    To cut cost, you may decide to move to your new office by yourself. If your office is small, then it will work. However, this has a downside to it for medium to large offices because of the safety hazards you may be exposed to. Hence, this safety checklist for moving office premises will help you.

    Safety tips & checklist to help you on your moving day

    When relocating, so much is at stake in case of any damage. this could be the extra cost of office machine replacement or covering for damages caused to other people. Here are 5 tips that will come in handy on your moving day.

    1. Clean your old office and new office

    When planning to relocate, clean your old office and the new office to ensure you’re dealing with organized spaces. It is important to schedule a cleaning day before the moving office date. You can organize to clean your office carpet, heavy machinery etc.

    This avoids having many activities going on during the moving day including cleaning. It reduces the risk of injuries in the new space.

    2. Start packing the heavy equipment first

    Heavy equipment tends to occupy a lot of space and packing them first helps in creating some space for moving around while organizing smaller equipment. the same applies to delicate equipment such as monitors.

    3. Avoid putting storage boxes on hallways

    You should not put storage boxes in the hallway. Often during the packing process, we tend to put packed stuff in the hallways to create more room. However, this can result in the blockage of the entryway for other users that share an entry with you.

    4. Ensure the presence of one or two members involved in the relocation.

    This ensures that the move is well coordinated since they are familiar with the previous environment and have an idea of how they’d want the new office to look. Having 2 or so employees working with the moving company ensures that they guide the movers on how you’d want the new offices to look.

    5. Label cartons in a clear, concise manner

    storage Box

    This will make it easier to locate them during the unpacking process. During this time, it is easy to get confused as to where the items were placed and in return open all boxes at the same time. This presents potential hazards in the new space while unpacking.

    Ensure there are instructions with the details on how to handle each box whether they are fragile or not. This eliminates any access issues you may have once you’ve relocated to the new office.

    work safety sign

    6. Prevent tripping hazards.

    These may come about from having things scattered all over the floor. People tend to declutter and throw things on the floor making it easy to trip.

    7. Avoid Injured backs

    Back injuries mainly happen after lifting and carrying heavy on the move day. It is important to get a professional moving company to avoid common mistakes during the office relocation.

    As much as moving may sound like a simple task, it is important to get moving companies that have the required equipment to move heavy boxes. Before you do that this office relocation tips will get you started.

    On the other hand, the safety tips covered here are a great start. This ensures that all the necessary health and safety protocols are followed to ensure smooth office relocation. Now go and implement these 7 office move safety tips.