• 7 Interesting things to do in London after work

  • It’s so satisfying to indulge in some fun activities after a long day at work. It gets even better if whatever you’re planning on doing doesn’t involve you breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to kill some time or destress after an exhausting day, London has what you need. If you just moved to London or came around on a business trip, do not fret. We shall explore some of the fun ways you can enjoy your spare time in London in this list of things to do after work in London.

    • Enjoy gin o’clock
    • Explore the different cuisines
    • Visit the museum
    • Spend some time in the park
    • Go for a swim
    • Treat yourself to some tea or coffee
    • Dance the night away

    1. Enjoy gin o’clock in London

    Wine o’clock or gin o’clock, whichever works for you, London won’t disappoint. If you want to treat yourself to a gin tour, you’ll find the finest cocktail bars in London where you can quench your thirst. You might end up at a working gin distiller: what could be better than ending up at the source of it all.

    When it comes to wine, you have the option of even investing in a refill bottle so it makes it easy for you to down several bottles at the comfort of your home. Fun is an understatement if we’re talking after-work drinks in London.

    2. Delve into the various delectable cuisines

    pancakes on a table

    Is there anything good food won’t solve? We think not. You can take yourself out to a nice dinner after work. If talking about your long day is the last thing you want to do, then a nice and cozy dinner is something that would really come in handy. The Borough Market is one of those places where you’ll find vendors with an array of artisan food selections from around the world.

    The Real Food Market at Southbank Centre is yet another spot you can visit to explore different mind-blowing cuisines. From the tasty finger-licking good Ghanaian stews to the spicy Indian curry, your tastebuds will undoubtedly have a field day. There are different places in London where you can enjoy various cuisines.

    3. Visit the museum

    Museum of London

    If you’re looking to enjoy and learn more about the culture, a visit to one of the museums would be ideal. There are several museums with late-night openings during some weekdays. A good example would be the British Museum or the Museum of London among other options.

    Visiting the museum is undoubtedly a civilised way to kick off your weekend. Apart from learning about human history at the museums, you can always explore fascinating modern art at the galleries like the Tate Modern Gallery or the National Portrait Gallery among others.

    4. Enjoy some fresh breath at the park

    Water in a park

    A good place to start would be the relaxing Hyde Park. There’s a lot that you can do at the park including having a small workout session, a walk, or even going for a run. You can even extend your walk to the Kensington Gardens if you’re up for it.

    Going a full lap around the park would be around 5km, so if you’re still feeling energetic then an extended run into the Kensington Gardens would do you good. If working out is not your cup of tea, you can always relax and enjoy the sunset.

    5. Take a swim at the London Aquatic Centre

    London Aquatic Centre

    There is barely anything a refreshing swim won’t solve after a long day. You can decide to kill time in the evening by going for a swim at the London Aquatic Centre. The one at the Olympic Park would be a perfect match considering it’s located indoors and it’s a recent establishment.

    Well, one thing you can expect is catching a cold unless you are going in the afternoon after taking an early leave from work. This would be an ideal time to relax your thoughts and think of pretty much nothing.

    6. Treat yourself to some afternoon tea or coffee

    Who doesn’t enjoy tea at any time of the day, especially in those cold winter months? Enjoy some afternoon tea with some delicious bites. You will find some cafes still serving some of the best tea and you might even have a glass or two of champagne.

    If you’re looking to enjoy some nice coffee, then there are options like Bar Italia, which never seems to close. For some coffee and culture, then the Camera Museum certainly won’t let you down. Apart from being a repair shop and tiny museum for cameras, the spot has adequate sitting space both upstairs and downstairs.

    7. Dance the night away

    People dancing in dark

    With London being one of the music capitals of the world, you can easily catch some of the best shows after work. This can be anything from the Rolling Stones and the British Invasion. You can catch some of these shows in some of the famous venues like the Roundhouse or Academy Bristol. You can also find a nice pub where a band is playing some of your favourite tunes.

    For a nice intimate classical music concert, the Handel House Museum should be the ideal spot for you. From regular live music to special exhibitions, there’s a lot that you can enjoy there. Not to mention they are open till 8 pm in the evening. You also get to learn about Handel, music, and 18th-century London.

    From the above, it’s evident that there’s plenty that one can indulge in London to make your evenings shorter or more exciting. whether you’re into cocktails, restaurants, or even site-seeing, there’s something for everyone. You certainly can’t run out of things to do after work during the week in London. It’s even more fun if you indulged in all these things with your friends.