• North London Areas

  • A place where there’s something for everyone, you can’t say you didn’t find what you were looking for in North London. Whether you enjoy the rush and busy urban lifestyle or you are someone who values their quiet time, you will find what you are looking for here. There are so many amazing places in North London and it would take forever to explore them all.

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    Where is North London

    Situated at the North of River Thames, North London is basically the Northern part of London. From Highgate, Islington to Finsbury Park, among others, it’s only fair to say that some of the most desirable neighbourhoods can be found in North London. Whether you’re looking to be part of all the hustle and bustle, or perhaps you’re looking to settle in a serene and quiet area, you won’t be disappointed. Here is a comprehensive list you can consider for some of the North London areas:

    • Highgate
    • Islington
    • Hampstead
    • Archway
    • Finsbury park 
    • Angel 
    • Swiss cottage
    • Camden 
    • Muswell hill
    • Kentish town

    Best place to live in North London


    Entering Highgate, you feel completely drawn away from the noise and disturbance of the city. It is perched on the north-eastern corner of Hampstead Heath, high above the city on North Hill. Once at highgate, the beautiful village feels and the sense of community that comes with it just takes over.

    You don’t have to worry about transport since the place has two functional underground railway stations hence it is well connected to central London. this makes it great for anyone more into residing in a more quiet area yet still has to commute to the city. Most of the architecture in this area consists of historic buildings, however, there are some cheaper modern houses in the market in recent times. 


    Located within the borough of Islington, this is more of a residential district. With the three tube stations, the Caledonian Road on the Piccadilly line, Highbury and Islington on the Victoria line, and Angel on the city branch of the northern line, the area is well connected.

    You will notice that a majority of the houses date back to Georgian and Victorian times. For anyone looking to purchase flats instead of family homes, then the recent developments along the City road and Wenlock canal basins, as well as Regents canal, will please them for sure.


    Hampstead park

    Found on the northwest part of the Camden Borough, Hampstead is without a doubt one of the best places to stay in North London. It’s a pretty affluent village, having within it so many kinds of people, from music lovers, artists to academics.

    Hampstead Heath, the 790-acre wild area with more than thirty pounds, including three bathing ponds is nestled right there. The is a wonderful place that gives your mind the long-needed rest and retreat from the hectic city life without the trouble of having to give up on all the fun amenities.


    Here is yet another up-and-coming yet affordable area you may yet decide to settle in. Archway is an amazing neighborhood that is located in the London borough of Islington. It is an area that is still undergoing development and has proven to be more suited to accommodating young professionals.

    The area has quite a lot to offer when it comes to varied eateries and fashionable cafes. Being quite close to wider Islington and Highgate, you are never too far from an excellent entertainment spot if you stay in Archway.

    Finsbury park

    Covering the boroughs of Islington, Hackney, and Haringey, Finsbury Park is one area that is wealthy when it comes to variety. In more recent times, the area has gone through so much growth and development making it an amazing multicultural area with a buzz of activity and full of eateries and amazing shops all a majority of which are globally inspired.

    The Finsbury park, which covers well over 110 acres of land, is of course one of the greater attractions of this area. For the football fans, especially those who support Arsenal football club, this place will be like home especially with the feverish dedication to the team by the locals.


    From the beautiful restaurants, convenient location, beautiful architecture, and even the top bars, who on earth wouldn’t want to make this place home? Angel is located within the Islington borough and is filled with homes and property.

    Most of them are enticed by the amazing thriving nightlife and numerous thriving independent boutiques in the area. Property is however not cheap in this region, you should come well prepared to pay a handsome price. It is all worth it since you get to enjoy all these amazing things while escaping the tourist traps.

    Swiss cottage

    This here is one of London’s leafier, quiet areas. Swiss cottage has a variety of homes available ranging from more modern apartments to beautiful Victorian house conversions. This area will suit you best if you are someone looking for a more old-world charm in a place. With primrose hill and regents park close by, you have the ideal scenic route right there with you.


    Best known for the area’s famous markets, there is so much to Camden town that makes it an amazing area to live in. Camden is an area that is rich in both cultural and literal history. This area is located just a few miles from central London hence perfect for anyone who is looking to buy a home in an area with a unique charm yet still be centrally located. 

    If you like diversity, then this is the place for you. The area has all types of houses, from modern houses to former council houses and Victorian houses. There is also a pretty good connection to central London and beyond with both an underground station and an overground one.

    Muswell hill

    Muswell hill is often regarded to be one of Londons’ most quiet areas. For those with a more vintage charm, there are plenty of Victorian and Georgian houses available in the area for those looking to rent or even purchase.

    Although there are no trains available in the area, the buses that provide transportation all around the area serve the residents pretty well so the commute isn’t a problem for the locals. One of the best things to do in North London is exploring some of the attractions in the area like the Alexandra Palace and Alexandra Park.

    Golders green

    This neighborhood located right by Hampstead garden suburbs might just be one of the best local neighborhoods in North London. With a large Jewish population, this area has undoubtedly got one of the best street food spots within it. The area also has many gardens and parks within it and is the perfect place if you are someone who loves to keep in touch with nature.

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    Living in North London

    As mentioned above there are plenty of places to either explore or reside in North London. Not forgetting the professionals in the area to help you have a smooth relocation project. It is evident that there are some essential amenities like good and reliable transport and housing. If you also want to grab some after work drinks in London, you’ll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice considering all the fun spots in North London. But what of the schools in the area?

    Schools in North London

    Whether private or public, you’ll find some amazing schools in the different areas of North London. And aside from the colleges and specialist schools, you’ll also come across several higher education institutes. The tables below show the Ofsted rating for some of the best Primary and Secondary schools in North London:

    North London Primary Schools:

    Primary SchoolPostcode AreaAgeOfsted Ratings
    Grafton Primary SchoolN72-11Outstanding
    Ambler Primary School and Children’s CenterN43-11Outstanding
    Gillespie Primary schoolN53-11Outstanding
    St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolN193-11Outstanding
    St John’s Highbury CofE Primary SchoolN54-11Outstanding

    North London Secondary Schools

    Secondary SchoolPostcode AreaAgeOfsted Ratings
    Highbury Fields SchoolN511-18Outstanding
    Elizabeth Garret Anderson SchoolN111-16Outstanding
    The Archer AcademyN211-16Outstanding
    Highgate Wood Secondary SchoolN811-18Good
    Acland Burghley SchoolNW511-18Good

    Thinking to relocate to North London? This comprehensive guide gives you an idea of some of the areas that you can consider moving to. And for a seamless move, working with a qualified and reliable mover is one way to ensure everything is done accordingly. You also get to see what to expect in terms of amenities like transport options or even education. Either way, North London is a gem that has plenty to offer.