• Things to do in North London

  • Whether you stay in North London or you are just visiting, there is so much to do in the busy city. Be it with your comrades, a special someone, or just alone there’s always something for you to do. It doesn’t matter whether you have money to spend or if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s a compilation of some of the fun things to do in North London:

    view of north London
    • Enjoy some satisfying craft beers
    • Enjoy the perfect pastries
    • Visit Alexandra palace
    • Take a trip to the warner bros studios
    • Tour Madame Tussauds
    • Visit the animals in the London zoo
    • Take a peek at the welcome collection
    • Relax at the British library
    • Enjoy Turkish cuisine on green lanes
    • Visit the Emirates stadium
    • Relax at Hampstead Heath

    1. Enjoy some satisfying craft beers

    If you’re one who loves to take a sip from the bottle once in a while, then you can explore some of the best bars for after work drinks. There are several spots to explore with Five Miles being one of the ideal spots for any craft beer lovers, especially with the onsite brewery.

    This place is also great if you and your crew are fans of music and would love a wild night of clubbing.  The sound system makes it feel like the music is playing inside you. It’s not only the beer that’s amazing, the array of cocktails served is also out of this world. 

    2. Enjoy the perfect pastries

    Popham’s Bakery should definitely be on your list of places to visit when in North London. The cakes here are guaranteed to make you want more. Step in here for your hot cup of coffee, tangy sourdough, and even a light lunch. If you have the pleasure of visiting this amazing spot, be sure to try out the maple bacon croissant, it is sure to bring you back a second time.

    3. Visit Alexandra Palace 

    This is the perfect place for any nature lovers in the North London area. Recently declared one of London’s nature reserves, this is the place to relax your mind and enjoy some fresh air. You could try rowing at the boating lake or grab a bite at Sunday’s Farmer’s market. If you happen to visit during the cold season, then the skating rink and palm gardens will be the place to stop by, there is so much fun in this place.

    Prop of Warner bros studio tour in North London

    4. Take a trip to the Warner Bros studios

    You can’t say that you’ve been in North London if you didn’t visit the Warner Bros studios. Here, you’ll tour some parts that look really familiar especially if you are a fan of movies. Explore Harry Potter’s hometown, 4 Puppet Drive, forbidden forest, and even get to visit platform 93/4.

    This is the perfect place to spend your afternoon especially if you are in the company of some friends or family.  The entire tour takes about three hours so you are sure to have enough time to visit and still have enough time to visit more of the beautiful sites in North London.

    Baker Street Underground

    5. Tour Madame Tussauds

    If you are a fan of wax art then you will definitely love Madame Tussauds. This internationally known wax museum is famous for its display of spitting images of celebrities, historical legends, and even members of the royal family.

    Visiting this place is guaranteed to have you smiling the whole time. You get to meet so many celebrities. This is a place you would love to visit whenever you get some free time with some friends.

    Monkey in London Zoo

    6. Visit the animals in the London Zoo

    London Zoo is one of the best places to visit especially for nature lovers or someone that hungers for new adventures. It is undoubtedly one of the fun things to do after work or during the weekend. The world-class zoo is home to a wide range of exotic animals and has been sheltering them since its opening in 1847.

    If you have kids, they can even spend the night at the zoo in the bughouse and the adults can also book a lodge and have a thrilling night sleeping next to the lions.

    7. Take a peek at the Wellcome Collection

    If you are one of those people who are simply fascinated by the human body and health matters, then you might want to pass by and check out the Wellcome Collection. The gallery displays a range of artifacts collected by Burroughs Wellcome like diagnostic dolls. The place is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. 


    8. Explore the British Library

    If you have had a long day and are looking to relax your mind with a good book, then the British Library would be a good place to go unwind. This is the UK’s national library and the largest library in the world with items occupying over 625 kilometers of shelving. Whether you are a fan of historic events or simply looking for a book to pass time, the library will not disappoint since it contains a wide range of books.

    9. Enjoy Turkish cuisine on Green Lanes

    If you are in North London and not able to travel the world but also enjoy trying different cuisines, then there are a number of places you can visit in your free time. One of these places is Green Lanes, home to one of London’s largest Turkish community settlements.

    Here, you get a small taste of Istanbul. The wonderful Turkish cuisine will leave you speechless. Be sure to try the numerous native dishes which are all readily available.

    Emirates Stadium

    10. Visit the Emirates stadium

    For any football fan, just being able to be in the stadium would be a dream come true. It’s the third-largest stadium in England after Wembley and Old Trafford. If you are lucky and get a ticket for one of the home matches which are commonly hosted here, then you are likely to be in for a memorable experience.

    In case the timing is inconvenient, you may take a tour of the impressive stadium and see the incredible Emirates Stadium, and even tour the stadium’s impressive museum.

    Hampstead Park

    11. Relax at Hampstead Heath

    Dating back to over one thousand years ago, Hampstead Heath is one of London’s oldest heaths. Initially dug to provide water for a still young London, it is now a relaxing spot for the locals especially those that prefer to go on outdoor swims.

    Whenever you are in North London and are in the mood for an outdoor dip, then this is the ideal spot especially during the summer months since they even have mixed and single-sex pools. Perfect and able to suit everyone’s needs.

    With this list of fun things to do in North London, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty to indulge in. If you were wondering how to spend your free time or some of the interesting spots to visit, this list is a great place to start! Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive and there are still tons of fun activities you can do. Either way, we hope you have fun exploring the area.