• After Work Drinks in London

  • Time to enjoy some after work drinks London. Yes, there is something absolutely fun about working your way through the day just to finish it with a tall order of your favourite drink, especially if it’s by one of your favourite bars or spots. London is known to have a great range of bars for you to choose from.

    From chilled hideouts to romantic settings, London bars will give you an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re into some craft beer or perhaps you just fancy enjoying some innovative cocktails to kill the night, the bars in London have a lot in store for you. Here are our suggestions for some of the bars that you can try out after a long day at work.

    • Homeboy bar
    • The Leaf and Cane
    • Cask
    • Bunga Bunga
    • Cahoots
    • The Remedy
    • Earl of Essex
    • Wine Workshop and Kitchen
    • Gabeto
    • The Shoreditch

    Homeboy Bar

    If you are looking for a bar with a homey feel and at the same time a modern London feel, visiting the Homeboy Bar is a great selection of things to do in the evening after work. It is mainly centered around Irish hospitality, making it a perfect choice for your relaxed after-work drinks. Apart from their world-class cocktail menu, they serve traditional and modern Irish food, in case you decide to grab a bite.

    The Leaf And Cane

    The impressive decor in this place speaks for itself. From the beautiful leafy interiors to the graceful tropical prints on the walls, this is one place guaranteed to bring back life to after-work drinks with your co-workers. This is one place where you are guaranteed to get an impressive array of drinks, tasty dishes, and a good time.


    If you are someone who likes cold craft beer after work and you’re looking for something to do in North London, then you can check out this pub. You and your team are guaranteed to enjoy a wide range of the finest brews from London and beyond. This is a great place to have a night out with your pals. the staff is pretty good with the brews so you shouldn’t feel shy to ask for recommendations.

    Bunga Bunga

    This popular joint in London was named after the risque parties of Italy and is just the right place to grab a cocktail and some delicious food. If you are a lover of music, then the Eurovision song contest floor is the place for you. The reproductions of the Sistine chapel on the wall enhance the aesthetic of the place. You can also pick up some delicious traditional dishes from the pizzeria section

    Soho an area in West End of London


    This Soho area bar will give you a trip back to the 1940s. It has all the necessities, from a beautiful sing-song around the piano, some swing dancers, and a variety of signature cocktails you won’t be likely to forget. The perfect cocktail bar if you ask. You will also be pleased to find some of the old-school classics like ale, rum-based drinks, and gin also on the tables.

    The Remedy

    This is definitely the ideal place for all the lovers of the slow food movement. The place has a laid-back and intimate atmosphere which is just an ideal spot for you after a long and exhausting day at work. This wine bar is perfect for you if you are more of the curious types and would love to try the many natural wines available.

    Earl Of Essex

    Situated in Danbury St., Earl of Essex pub is one of those areas in North London you will enjoy visiting if you have a couple of drinking buddies from work. Once you start getting your beers here, you won’t want to change your spot. The staff there is also sent from heaven. They are obliged to offer tastings and also give you some epic suggestions. This is a place that is sure to spice your evening up if you are up to a post-work pint and some cocktails.

    Wine Workshop

    Wine Workshop And Kitchen

    Here is another haven for wine lovers. Here is one of the best after-work spots to visit with your pals to perhaps even discuss the happenings of the day. In the Wine Workshop, you are offered over thirty different types of wines to choose from.


    With its long copper bar, dance floor, and DJ booth, this is a place perfect for a wide range of events and even casual drinks and when you want to party with your workmates. The back terrace is also a perfect venue for large corporate events with a capacity of up to 700 reception. be sure to visit the lounge area if you are more of the quiet night type.

    Bar Story

    This pocket convenient bar is sure to make the experience worthwhile. With an amazing collection of delicious cocktails readily available in the bar, it is a good choice for you and your pals. You won’t regret coming here for a nice cocktail. the best part of being in this place is probably the happy hour.

    Shoreditch High Street

    The Shoreditch

    Looking for the right place to get some after-work drinks in east London, then the Shoreditch is the place for you to come and blow some steam off after a long workday and party. This place has got that contagious vibrancy that isn’t really that common these days. Here you are guaranteed to have a good time. Get you and your buddies some after-work cocktails and enjoy the good music.

    Royal Oak

    Here is a corner pud in London that perfectly blends the scruffy and the pretty. The decoration in the place is out of this world. The Royal Oak is ideal in that it is strangely unbothered by the large crowds you’re likely to find in other pubs so you’ll be able to enjoy your pint quietly after a long exhausting day at work. Be sure to enjoy the craft beers available.

    Boisdale Of Canary Wharf

    If you’re one to go for a couple of drinks after a tiring day at the office, then this is probably one of the best places you can find in London. Even coming with some live music, this restaurant is the perfect blend of elegance and being casual. You are sure to enjoy the place especially if you have some good company to spend the evening with.

    Radio Rooftop Bar

    If your one who enjoys views while sipping your drink, then this is the perfect place for you. The radio bar offers spectacular views of some of London’s most famous buildings. The beautiful view is sure to relax your exhausted mind after even the most hectic of days at the office. This is definitely one place you would love to head on and get a little tipsy.

    Whether you’re a London local or you were just visiting, there are plenty of places to enjoy an after work drink in London. Be it a craft beer or some cocktail, you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice. To add to the fun, you can tag along with a friend or two to either one of the great venues listed above.