• Interesting office moving party ideas

  • Many people have heard of welcome parties, but have you ever considered arranging one for your workplace? A company’s relocation or expansion is a reason to celebrate. Your office warming party can be as formal or casual as you like. You can also offer rewards and entertaining themes. Most importantly, throwing a party to commemorate the opening of a new office is a great way to attract new clients, thank your employees, and show off your new professional space. Let’s have a look to some of the interesting office moving party ideas.

    1. Bring your pet to work day

    ginger cat with black stripes

    One of the best office moving ideas is to have a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day.” This will allow your employees to bond with their new office mates and will be a fun way to celebrate the move. Make sure to have plenty of pet-friendly snacks and activities planned.

    2. Welcome waggon

    Another great office moving idea is to set up a “Welcome Waggon.” This is a great way to welcome new employees and show them around the office. Fill the waggon with office supplies, snacks, and other goodies. You can even include a local coffee shop or restaurant gift card.

    3. Ugly sweater party

    What office party would be complete without an “Ugly Sweater Party?” This is a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit and have some fun. Be sure to have plenty of sweaters and some festive snacks and drinks.

    4. Food truck roundup

    Food table, people,

    A food truck roundup is a great way to please everyone’s taste buds. Have a variety of food trucks come to the office and let your employees choose their favourite. This is also an excellent opportunity to try out some new foods.

    5. Murder mystery party

    For something a little more on the grown-up side, try a murder mystery party. This is a great way to get everyone in the office involved and excited about the move.

    6. Dressing through the decades

    Let’s rewind! This theme works in any large venue that you can decorate with vintage decor and artifacts. Tell guests to dress as if they’re attending a party from 1920 to 2000. Request that the DJ play songs from these decades—no current hits. Juicy cheeseburgers, fries, and apple pie cover all your gastronomic bases and evoke memories. Start with speakeasy favorites, then Don Draper’s favourites, and finish with modern favourites. Don’t forget the non-drinkers with hand-spun milkshakes and homemade sodas!

    7. Gameday

    Game day is a less involved costume party idea than the previous two. Take advantage of a sports-season event, like the NHL playoffs or March Madness, and invite everyone to wear a jersey to work. Even better, watch a game together at a bar or stadium.

    8. Pyjama party

    One of the best office moving ideas is to have a “Pyjama Party.” This is a great way to get everyone relaxed and comfortable in their new office. Be sure to have plenty of pyjamas and some snacks and drinks.

    9. Hollywood glamour:

    Lady dressed in green costume

    No theme is more exquisite and traditional than Old Hollywood Glamour for a formal corporate party. Bring visitors back to the golden age of Hollywood with live big band music, a red carpet, and rented paparazzi. Champagne is the drink of choice, and the cuisine should include steak, lobster, and local specialities.

    10. Fandom Friday

    Do you have an office full of nerds? Embrace it! Fandom Friday is a great way to get everyone in the office excited about the move. Have everyone dress up as their favourite character from their favourite fandom and decorate the office with nerdy things.

    These are just a few of the interesting office moving ideas. Be sure to get creative and have fun with it. The most important thing is ensuring your employees feel comfortable and welcomed in their new office.