• How to plan an office move project

  • Proper organization and planning are key to any office relocation project. The first step to plan an office move project is creating a detailed project plan. It is, without doubt, the most crucial step in any corporate office move.

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    This plan consists of all the tasks necessary to complete the move successfully. For instance, it includes assigning roles and responsibilities to your staff members, specific tasks and their deadlines, etc.

    By drawing up this plan, you ensure that everything gets completed in due time without any difficulties. You also make sure that your business downtime and loss of productivity are kept at a minimum during the move. You can also consider office move gifts such as gift cards to keep your team motivated for the move.

    This article will include how to make a plan to move office and safety tips for moving an office.

    How to create an office move project plan

    Proper planning is key for any successful office relocation. Here’s how to create a reliable office move project plan to ensure that everything is seamless.

    1. Designate a supervisor

    The supervisor will be in charge of the intended move. It can be either you or any trusted and responsible employee in your staff. This supervisor will serve as a coordinator and organizer. He or she will have the authority to make the decisions on behalf of you and your company regarding the move.

    2. Pick a team leader

    Choose other responsible and reliable people from your staff and put together a small planning team. The supervisor will be the team leader. This team will have the responsibility to draw up the plan for an external and internal office move.

    3. Note key dates

    The important part of this move is to note down all the key dates like the preferred date for moving, signing of the new lease, start and finish of the new office build-out, final deadline, termination date of the current lease, etc.

    4. Estimate Budget

    The budget of the whole project should also be estimated and every team member should make sure that the project is completed within the budget.

    5. Customize your plan

    Make sure that you develop the plan customized for your office specifically. There are many tips available online on things to remember in your moving plan but it is our recommendation that you always customize them for your office. You can build the project plan in MS Word or MS Excel. Make a list of all the tasks, the people responsible for the individual tasks, and the deadlines of each task.

    You are all set with how to plan it. Now go and learn how to project manage an office move.