• Making a business relocation announcement

  • relocation announcement

    A proper announcement in case of business relocation is an essential requirement. You do not want everyone who interacts with your company or organisation to think that you are going out of business. An effective relocation announcement reinforces business contacts and also serves as official notice for the change in location. Having an efficient and reliable office move project plan helps everything go as smoothly as possible.

    Business relocation announcements should be able to let your employees, customers, business partners, vendors and everyone else who interacts with your company know that you are still operational. Losing contacts with people can be very disastrous for any business. It might as well mean losing business. Making a detailed company moving announcement will come in handy in most cases.

    What to write on a moving announcement

    Including all the information when announcing your business relocation is very crucial. A moving announcement can include a business relocation letter, press release, making local ads and so on. It is upon you to choose what you think is the most suitable medium.

    First off, you should be able to issue your business relocation letters at least three weeks prior. This will give everyone time to note the changes and update their records. You most certainly do not want your business operations to go astray because of any last-minute rush.

    Before issuing your relocation letter, it is essential to merge all your contacts so that you can come up with a list of those who shall receive the letters. This can include both the current and any future contacts. You do not want to inform only half of your contacts.

    Once you’ve determined who to contact, the next thing should be knowing how to contact them. This can be through postal mail or email, or both. When writing your business relocation letter, it would be great if you consider crafting a different letter to suit each target audience. 

    For instance, what you write to your vendors and business partners can be different from what you write to your customers or business partners, financial institutions and everyone else who interacts with your company. But if crafting one letter works for your business, then you should go ahead and do it. 

    Apart from including a good reason as to why you want to move, the other things you can write when making business relocation announcements include the following:

    • The current address and the new address.
    • Information on any downtime, closure or re-opening because of the moving.
    • New contact information, if applicable.
    • The new address and new location of the business.
    • Any changes that are supposed to take effect after the relocation.

    Always make sure that the information is detailed and concise. Once the letters are ready, make sure you deliver them at least three weeks before the move day. The same information you have in the letter is what you will emphasize on the other platforms.


    How do you announce office relocation?

    There are several ways you can choose to announce the moving of your business. From issuing an office relocation letter to clients, postcards or even local ads, these are just a few of the ways.

    Knowing the medium that works best for you is important as you will easily reach your target audience. Below are some tips on how you can make effective moving announcements for your business:

    Proper planning

    For an effective move, you should always start planning at least 6 months before the actual date. It will give you adequate time to coordinate with your moving office service providers to ensure a seamless transition. This involves making the office announcements or issuing the moving notices at least three weeks prior. You should have all the basic and detailed information on what will be changing and ensure that all your contacts are well informed. 

    Use other platforms to announce the relocation

    Another way to announce the new location for your business can be by placing local ads. Not only will this help you in emphasizing your relocation plans, but it will also be a great way for you to reach a new audience and potential customers.

    You should make sure that the advertisement includes all the details. From the contact information, new address, email address and any other important information that may come in handy. 

    Updating your social media accounts and website

    Making sure that all the information in your social media accounts and your website is up to date is advisable. Ensuring that your contact information, phone number, email address and any other information detailing the reason for your move is up to date is essential.

    Updating such information on the social media handles is crucial especially if the business sells its products online. This can be for online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on. The change of address and new location details should be made clear in each platform.

    If you have a blog, you should update your customers on the move. Always indicate details for the progress of the relocation as well as the new place you’re moving your business to. Be sure to also answer any questions your clients may have so as to have enough clarity.

    We’ve seen some of the essential things to consider if you’re planning on moving your business. Also, the crucial things to put forth when spreading the word about your move. With all this in place, having an efficient moving service provider is among the other things to consider. You want to work with someone who will not halt or interfere with the smooth running of your operations.

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