• Best practices for employee relocation

  • Just like office relocation, employee relocation can be quite hectic if not planned properly. There are several reasons organisations might consider employee relocation. Failure to find professionals with relevant experience in the local market is one of the many reasons. This implies that companies strive to have the right people with the right experience at the right place. For this, the organisation will need to have an efficient relocation policy.

    Whether you’re relocating employees internationally or locally, hiring a reliable relocation management company is crucial. Applying relocation best practices will help you achieve the desired outcome.

    new office
    Employees relocated to the new office

    The best office relocation practices

    Having a seamless relocation exercise is one way to ensure that your business’s downtime is reduced. Here are the best practices you should consider during your office relocation. The relocation program may differ based on the organisational goals, available resources, and budget.

    • Drawing a relocation agreement
    • Having a relocation offer package
    • Incentivizing employees through relocation packages
    • Arranging for employee housing
    • Simplify cultural adaptation process

    Drawing a relocation agreement 

    You should ensure that the employment contract has a mobility clause that clearly highlights the employee relocation policy details. This will help avoid any misunderstanding from the staff member when they relocate.

    Having a consistent relocation offer

    You should consider the needs and individual circumstances of the staff in a consistent relocation offer package. This means the duration of the contract, the support and resources that will be availed and the relocation expenses catered to by the company should be clearly specified. The package can also include assisting the employee’s spouse or partner to search for a suitable job.

    Incentivising employees

    Offering compensation and relocation packages is an ideal way for a company to incentivise relocating employees. This can include the company covering the relocation costs or some of the travel costs involved, especially if it’s an international relocation.

    Any relocation package should cover the minimum expenses and elements associated with moving. The relocation benefits can include reimbursement for temporary living expenses and household items moving costs.

    office workers in an office
    Employees sitting in a large grey office

    Arranging for employee housing

    Housing is essential especially if an employee is relocating to a new location. It’s crucial to support the employee in finding the ideal long-term or temporary housing. It’s advisable to discuss the housing details with each employee individually especially if they have a family. These specifications should be included in the relocation package.

    Simplify the cultural adaptation process

    The employer is obliged to help the employee to deal with the new country’s nuances. You can ease the cultural adaptation by helping identify the best school system for the employee’s children, offering language lessons, or providing a mentor in the new office location.

    With some of the best practices for office relocation, you’re bound to have a seamless move. Propper planning ensures that there shall be a smooth transition between the office, clients, and employees. Hiring a reliable relocation company eases the relocation process. Most importantly, the strategy chosen should ensure that the downtime doesn’t affect the usual flow of business or employee productivity.