• 1.How Much Does It Cost For Office Removals?
    It depends upon the services that are provided as  a part of the removal. 
    2.How Do I Perform Office Removals?
    Because of the time, dust, and heft involved, it may be best to hire a team to perform office removals for you. 
    3.Is It Better To Hire Someone To Perform Office Removals?
    Yes, because furniture is heavy and may need to be disassembled to be removed. 
    4.What Services Do Office Removal Companies Provide? 
    The office removal company may inventory, take apart, sort, and move office furniture. They may return the furniture back to the rental warehouse, or move it to a new office location. 
    5. Is It Better To Have A Binding Contract Or Not?
    A binding contract is a good motivation for the moving service to perform as agreed within the time period you specify in the contract. Just make sure you include all the services and costs in writing. 
    6.Do You Offer Discounts? 
    Often-times, you may find that you receive a discounted rate for using the moving company for a high-volume move. 
    7.Who Pays Dumping Fees? 
    If you want the furniture or other fixtures disposed of, you may incur extra charges. They are probably built into the bottom line. It is worth verifying this in writing with the moving company.