• How to plan an office move project and manage it

    How to plan an office move project and manage it Proper organization and planning are key to any office relocation project. The first step to any successful relocation of the office is creating a detailed project plan. It is, without doubt, the most crucial step in any corporate office move. This plan consists of all the tasks necessary to complete the move successfully. For instance, if includes [...]

    How much does it cost to move an office

    How much does it cost to move an office One of the most asked questions about relocation is how much does it cost to move an office? Our answer to that is simple… it all depends on a variety of factors like distance, number of employees, type of furniture, stuff, the urgency of moving, timing, etc. We are going to tell you how much should you expect to pay for relocating the office along [...]

    Office Removals Wandsworth

    Office Removals WandsworthWe are the leading office removals Wandsworth company, and as a 'one stop shop' can handle all of your office relocation needs for you. We provide reliable and comprehensive relocation services to commercial clients throughout Wandsworth and the SW18. We specialise in office removals london, project management, storage, and clearance so you can rest assured that we can[...]

    Running and managing a business can be hectic; after all, you have so many responsibilities at the office. But moving your office shouldn’t be. Regardless of the size of your business, our office removals in St John's wood have what you need to relocate right away. We offer reliable, professional and comprehensive office moving services to clients across St John’s Wood and Lisson Grove [...]

    Laboratory Relocation Specialists

    Laboratory Relocation SpecialistsIf you are planning laboratory removals, look no further. As one of the leading laboratory relocation specialists in the UK, we can assist you regardless of the size and specialism. A laboratory move can represent a complex logistical challenge, therefore you can rely on our exceptional technical expertise for research as usual.Experience has taught us that [...]

    Library relocation service

    Library Relocation ServicesIf you are planning a library relocation, look no further. As one of the UK’s leading library moving companies, you can trust us with your precious collections of books, papers, or archives. A move can represent a substantial organisational challenge, therefore you can rely on our exceptional relocation expertise for access as usual.Experience has taught us that [...]

    Office Removals Temple We are proud to be the leading company for commercial and office removals in Temple EC4 and WC2 postcode area. Regardless of your company size, we understand that moving premises can be disruptive and costly in terms of time and money. Therefore you can rely on our removals experience to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. The key to a successful office move is [...]

    Familiarise Yourself With Relocation Tips   Office relocation companies do much more than just the heavy lifting. They help with the planning and organising of such a big move. You might be thinking that you are relinquishing all of the work, but you have a company to run. That company happens to be switching locations, which can create all kinds of issues if the move isn't handled properly. You [...]

    Checklist For Moving Business Premises    An office relocation checklist can really be helpful when you are planning out a big move for your business. If you are counting on a moving company, you might think that you don’t need one, but you still have to get your business ready for the big day. Taking a look at and working from checklist for moving business premises can help you do just that. [...]

    Things To Consider When Moving Offices   An office moving checklist starts with the packing. If you're going to be hiring someone to do all the packing for you, then you have to start with the hiring. Either way, you want to get a good look at the companies that you might want to hire for the job. You have to get ready for the big day, and there is things to consider when moving office location. [...]

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